Well anyway this is my favorite "fake" Zelda, what is yours? Sonic CD Classic. -Beyond Oasis sequel with a collection of Beyond Oasis and Legend of Oasis For some non-Sega games-Lost Odyssey 2-Extra Seasons of D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die (Only had one season and if I recall the ending was never resolved, this game was one of the major reasons I bought an Xbox One and to see it finished would be amazing) The player takes the role of Leon, who must find the six elemental spirits and use their powers to fight the evil wizard Agito and his legions of creatures. Chances are I will dump this one perhaps in favor of, Lord of gaming!!! hmm... not loving or liking this game. User Info: Golden_Torizo. [10][11] The most common criticism was that it is too difficult to judge the difference in height between different platforms,[7][8] though of the critics who had a more mixed response to the game, Electronic Gaming Monthly's Dan Hsu said his chief complaint was that the puzzles are too difficult, and GameSpot's Jeff Gerstmann said the game is enjoyable but not original enough (compared to its predecessor, Beyond Oasis) to justify its appearance on the Saturn platform. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Too bad the game was only followed by one sequel (1996's LEgend of Oasis) before sega stopped producing game machines. Both games do have something of a relationship with Sega in general though. "[11] Next Generation held that it "manages to expand upon the original formula cosmetically while still offering all the great action-adventure elements that made the first game a winner."[10]. Game Informer. Back in the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive days, SEGA released a game called Beyond Oasis/The Story of Thor, according to the co-developer Ancient Games (also developed Streets of Rage series) there was a sequel … ghetto is also welcome... and anyone else but we need to find a sytem, since... Unofficial Beyond Oasis prequel/spiritual ancestor. SEGA. It features more Spirits, more puzzles, and more weapon types – making it a clear successor to the Genesis original in terms of game mechanics . Go to FunTrivia.Com and play my quiz- Dragon Warrior I for Game Boy Color. Sadly I never got to play its sequel. All in all, I'm happy to be able to play this one from time to time, and Beyond Oasis is one of the last great Genesis games. Don't 4get to rate it! Beyond Oasis/ Story of Thor sequel was planned for 32x. The local titles can cause some confusion, but if you know the Japanese titles, it becomes more obvious. The game is generally one-player, though a two-player mode can be accessed using a cheat code. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Leon's nemesis is the evil wizard Agito who has the Silver Armlet and threatens to destroy the land. Beyond Oasis Classic. SEGA. Golden_Torizo 5 years ago #1...to Crusader of Centy? In summary, Beyond Oasis is a game that anybody who likes gaming from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras should invest some time to play through, especially those … An action RPG for the Sega Saturn, the sequel to the Genesis game Beyond Oasis. Il est des jeux comme Story of Thor 2 dont la Beauté ne peut être remise en question. This can only be achieved by obtaining the loyalty of the six elemental spirits of the land, which are called Dytto (the spirit of water), Efreet (the spirit of fire), Bawu (the spirit of earth), Brass (the spirit of sound), Shade (the spirit of darkness), and Airl (the spirit of air). The game action takes place in real time. Arm yourself and prepare to embark on SEGA’s lavish action RPG – Beyond Oasis. The Japanese title for Defenders of Oasis is Shadam Crusader: Harukanaru Oukoku. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It is the successor and prequel to the 1994 title Beyond Oasis for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Page 59. Each weapon comes with a set of special attacks that are executed in fighting game style. SEGA. Remember that great Genesis game, Beyond Oasis? June 30, 2016 by George. I saw the name mentioned as I was scanning Beyond Oasis and wondered. An update in 2011 stated the game was still in development, but again, nothing. Each has a different power, and Leon can wield short and long swords as well as bow and arrow. Trick or Treat!! I remember picking it up on a whim and being amazed by the sprite work, combat, and story. Ernest Cline discusses the opportunities and challenges of delivering a sequel to his blockbuster debut novel 'Ready Player One,' and what it's like … The Legend of Oasis, released as The Story of Thor 2 in Europe and as Thor ~Chronicles of the Elemental King~ in Japan, is a 1996 action role-playing game developed by Ancient and published by Sega for the Sega Saturn. Beyond Oasis’ one follow-up game was relegated to a console almost no one had or wanted thanks to Sega of America blocking all the best Saturn games from being localized. Pics or video please. All in all, I'm happy to be able to play this one from time to time, and Beyond Oasis is one of the last great Genesis games. His arrows can trigger switches. For me Beyond Oasis holds a special place in my heart.