A burrito bowl is a burrito or fajita served without the tortilla wrap. A wet burrito is a dish found in Mexican or Mexican-influenced American cuisine consisting of a standard burrito topped with red sauce and melted cheese. It is made in much the same way as any other burrito, with various types of fillings wrapped in a flour tortilla.Although many recipes use shredded or ground beef, a wet burrito … So if you're someone who loves your extra fillings, this might be a case for going with a bowl instead of a burrito … However, it does … "Ordering a burrito full of mostly liquids doesn't mean a perfect roll every time," the user said. When you roll yourself in a think blanket/comforter to the point where you make yourself look like a burrito. See more. It is instead placed in a bowl. Burrito definition, a tortilla folded over a filling, as of ground beef, grated cheese, or refried beans. Its establishment can be traced to the beginning of the low carb fad in the early 2000s.