Guitartonemaster is an online Backing Track archive which makes learning scales, modes, licks easier. All interesting info on one page: jam & backing track, tone, tempo, scale suggestions, ... We have tons of HD Backing Tracks Videos in all genres. Look at the image below. these chords are in the mode above and in all modes of the key of C major. Now it’s time to learn the next position of the key of C Major. All of the notes on the fretboard have been included, but only the notes of the C major scale or key of C major have be placed in circles. The Ultimate Resource for every guitar player. In order to play and jam in all 7 of the main modes, you only need to learn 7 patterns. No problemo, Forget the guess work and use our helpful scale & mode recommendations for each music backing track. Move to the D string, 1, 3 finger. Notice how there are 3 C notes from the Low E string to the High E string. #1 Way To Improve Your Guitar Playing. Want to learn more? Major and each note will represent the all the modes. Donate now Become a patron PayPal Donation, is end of life support us, learn how, Please share this site! The Ionian Mode is the first mode of the major scale. Low E string, C note down through the notes to the High E string, C note. The next note is played with the 1 finger, A string, 5th fret. Jamming every day is so important to your progression as a musician. The tablature below shows the type 4 fingering type. I hope you remember what each fingering number equals, if not they are shown below. Each section makes up the Key of C Major and each note will represent the all the modes. Ionian Mode on Guitar. This scale exercise starts with your 4 finger, at the 8th fret. 3 Ring finger Music theory can be complicated but we need to know it if we want to make sense of everything and improve our guitar knowledge and playing. Play your jamtracks right now and practice in all 12 keys. Remember, the C major scale s also called the, To make practicing a little more enjoyable, lay down a progression of C, F  and G chords on a recorder and play this mode over them. An inspiring collection of guitar backing tracks for both novices and professionals. This is because the C chord is easily played in this position. In this lower image, the C notes are highlighted in blue. Let Us Be Friends | Family The C Major Scale (Ionian) scale is composed of the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. Develop your playing skills by jamming along with our backing track. Can you spare 1 dollar to save You can go about playing lead in a number ways, but I will only mention two for now. It accompanies the jamtracks with addional information such as the key, tempo, chordprogressions & scale- mode- suggestions. The ultimate Backing Track Archive for guitarists and musicians. Practice, Improvise & Improve today! The only difference is the two extra notes added. Once again, can you see the pattern above in the pattern below. Jam! If you need help in reading the diagrams on this page, check the How to read music for guitar tutorial. The first and easiest mode is the Ionian mode, which is simply the major scale. It is the first mode of Major and the third mode of Minor (Built on the flatted third degree). The notes of each of. But you could very easily move this same fingering pattern around and use different major pentatonic scales to play over the F and G chords, since they are both major chords. They are essentially the same scale. 4 Pinky. The tablature below would be the same notes and fingering pattern as the illustration above. The Ionian Mode is really just a fancy name for the Major scale. Look below and pick out the notes of the C major pentatonic scale. For example, above you could play over the C chord using the C pentatonic major scale. “Guitar Secrets offering A Visual Learning Experience, Lead Guitar Made Easy. You are still playing from C to C. Look below and notice you are starting on the C note, but with the 4 finger.