This can be anything – fresh fruits, granola, cereal, or the things I listed in the overnight mix-in list previously. But then this became my breakfast for almost every single day of the year. As it thaws at night, the juices are released into the oats for delicious flavour. In the morning, add a few teaspoons of milk to the containers if oatmeal is too thick. You can choose any type of oats you like – steel cut, quick oats, rolled oats, etc. This overnight oatmeal would make the perfect make-ahead grab and go breakfast or snack, especially if your mornings are usually hectic. If you can make your own hummus, you have a huge advantage. Use what you have, or try overnight oats without toppings as a simple and delicious option! because after mixing up my ingredients, I was pulled away from breakfast for 10 minutes to tend to the boys. I'm a Registered Dietitian, healthy eater, and mom of two from Charlottesville, Virginia. Maybe dinnertime is your weak point. To a mason jar or small bowl, add raw oats, chia seeds, and other optional ingredients such nut butter, honey or maple syrup. I do that with mine every time, leaving it on the stove top, just totally cover after cooking to retain heat as long as possible, no problem if water is the base fluid and no fresh fruit added until next morning. to make your own If you’re looking to lose weight and belly fat, then you have to get the ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS BUNDLE. Your email address will not be published. Whole oats are first steamed, making them soft, then rolled into the flat disks you find in the packaging. This FREE program that is filled with readily available and affordable foods has transformed the lives of many women like you and walks you step by step through the proven techniques that will help you lose weight and belly fat without sleeping in the gym, breaking the bank or drinking teas you can’t stomach. It is good for the whole family. Since I used 1/2 cup oats, I will use 1/2 cup milk. Overnight Oats online or keep an open mind and play around with the toppings. It should look thick and creamy! Thank you for this recipe. Reply Quaker® Overnight Oats— Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So can I use it for overnight oats and if not what else can I use the packets for that I won't have to make the morning of? Make overnight oats. Otherwise, rolled oats are the next best thing. I really don’t like the texture of them when they’re cooked and I can’t figure out how to use them. You can also use to pack healthy snacks like Carrots and guacamole or hummus. When I came back I realized I had a wonderful overnight oats consistency in much less time! Thanks for sharing ??? They sound good to me with banana and some mini chocolate chips. Weekday mornings can be a rush, but with a little prep the night before, anyone can have a hassle-free morning with overnight oats made with Quaker®. on Introduction. ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS BUNDLE. My microwave heats the water in about 4 minutes on high. , Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog It's yummy, and without any time to actually spend in the kitchen! There's no wrong way to prepare your overnight oats. :D. Thanks for trying it out! The next morning, add 1-3 tsp more almond milk if mixture is too thick. Yes, you can (and should) meal-prep your overnight oats ahead of time. I can't wait to try it out! All you need to do is steep, sleep, eat. Use a one-to-one ratio of raw oats and your choice Stir with a spoon to combine. If you are planning to have your oatmeal for breakfast, put the oatmeal in the fridge the night before and the next morning, your oats should have soaked up all or most of the liquid. in the oatmeal aisle. Learn how your comment data is processed. Plain water to "cook" the oats with cut up fruit is a better option if dairy products are not an option or soy, almond or other milk substitutes can't be used.