You’ve accepted all cookies. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. Evidence of ownership of the vehicle (V5 log book, bill of sale, and DVLA related documents relating to the seized vehicle). Are manual cars still more fuel efficient than automatics? Information on our security systems service and alarms advice. If the registered keeper does not attend with the nominated driver, the nominated driver needs to bring with them written confirmation from the registered keeper that they are authorised to collect their vehicle.Your Conduct At A Police StationPlease be aware that the Police Front Counter Staff are NOT responsible for your vehicle being seized and are carrying out a function to assist you retrieve your vehicle.Anyone abusing the Police staff will be subject to an investigation by the Police which may lead to an arrest and further prosecution. A certificate of Insurance authorizing you to drive that vehicle3. Privacy Policy  |  Theoretically, this means that owners could have to pay almost £500 for their car, if they leave it until the very last moment to collect their salvage vehicle. Local Authority details and how to get help in an emergency. Being driven by someone who doesn’t have the proper licence or insurance, Dangerously, obstructively or otherwise illegally parked. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. If you’ve received a seizure notice because your vehicle was seized on the belief that it was being driven without a driving licence or valid insurance, go to our seized vehicles page to find the right information.. Why Have The Police Seized My Vehicle? Please click "agree" if you are happy to accept the use of Their driving licence2. Company Number: 04304063, About RAW2K  |  Advice services available to men, women and children who have been raped or sexually assaulted within Cumbria, Includes tyre safety, speed awareness courses, Bikesafe, winter driving tips and more. The police will charge a release fee of up to £200, as well as a storage fee for every day or half day that it’s kept on site. Evidence of ownership of the vehicle. Why Have The Police Seized My Vehicle?Section 165A gives the Police the power to seize vehicles which are being driven by uninsured drivers or drivers who do not have a valid driving licence or where a vehicle has failed to stop when required by Police and there is a suspicion that the vehicle is uninsured.Retention and Disposal of Seized VehiclesOnce your vehicle has been seized the Officer will issue you with a seizure notice detailing where the vehicle will be taken.By law the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle is responsible for claiming the vehicle back from the approved agent.By law the registered keeper or owner has the responsibility to pay for the vehicle to be recovered. If you are pulled over in your vehicle by the police in the UK, these are your rights and this is what the police can do men Load mobile navigation. The whole process is over within 14 days.After this time your vehicle can and will be disposed of. In fact, police have the power to seize anything that was involved in a crime as evidence. News  |  If you're looking for online salvage vehicle auctions, then look no further. Whatever the circumstances of its seizure, the police will take it to an on-site impound, which is generally at the nearest local police station. What is keyless entry, and why is it so controversial? Information and advice on 'Cumbria Speed Awareness' course - become a safer driver, save three points on your licence, Cumbria Constabulary accept unwanted firearms and ammunition all year round, and dispose of them free of charge. If you’re a fan of programmes like Police Interceptors (which started again on our screens a few weeks ago), you may be passingly familiar with the various ways in which police can take possession of salvage vehicles or stolen cars. After all, British police forces aren’t free removals services! Why not take a look around our existing vehicle auctions, and see what you can find? They can also seize a vehicle if they think it’s: If your vehicle is seized there’s a ‘release fee’ of up to £200 plus a storage fee of £20 for every day or part day. Help  |   Is Covid-19 bringing more young people back into driving? cookies. Terms & Conditions  |  What happens to a vehicle after it is seized? You can find full details about the statutory charges in the Road Traffic Act (Retention and disposal of seized vehicles) Regulations 2005 – amended 2008. Email: Seized Vehicle Information. What happens if you're stopped by the police while driving - breath tests, motoring offences, faults with your vehicle, seizing your vehicle Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. If the car is damaged, they may choose to have it crushed or scrapped. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. We stock these vehicles in our wide-ranging online car auctions, and they can be incredibly useful to budding or professional mechanics, or even someone looking for a bargain on their new car. In fact, police still entitled to statutory fees that will have been incurred in getting it to the impound. Advice & information which includes the Victims Code of Practice. Even if the owner doesn’t want to reclaim the car, it doesn’t mean they can consider the matter closed. Your car can also be seized if: In fact, police have the power to seize anything that was involved in a crime as evidence. Police can, however, also seize a car if they judge that it’s being used in a way that causes alarm, harassment, distress or physical threat. This process consists of crushing the vehicle or by selling it at auction.Documents To Be Produced.Faxed Or Photocopied Documents Will Not Be Accepted.It is the responsibility of the registered keeper or owner to recover the vehicle within 14 days of it being seized.If you are the registered keeper/owner you are required to produce:1.