There is no middle man when it comes to Carvin guitars and this allows them to give everyone factory direct prices. Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by Engraver-60, Jan 29, 2012. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. Peace Dec 5, 2003 #9. TalkBass utilizes technology from Skimlinks that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site. It's like a butterface chick with a lingerie model's bod and a face like … The customer is able to customize any part of their guitar and get any kind of wood or electronics configuration they want. I also opted for the Wilkinson vibrato over the hardtail bridge. Gold Supporters see zero ads! REVIEW: Carvin CT6M Peter Hodgson March 30, 2009 Carvin’s California Carved Top, looks somewhat reminiscent of another popular double-cutaway mahogany/maple dual humbucker axe out there, but differentiates itself on several important fronts, including attention to … Thank you for your support! Fret size and fretboard radius are also key elements of producing a guitar that fits the player’s need, and Carvin offers choices in both. They are super clear but do not have much output to them. Bolt-kit with S-S-S and S-S-H, coil tap, "always-on". The next best thing is to work from a kit where a good deal of the challenge of building a guitar from scratch is bypassed, but there is still plenty of room for customization. What are the differences between Carvin guitar pickups? Sperzel locking tuners. I also had a mahogany body model with a reverse headstock. The GK1T kit sells for $449 at Carvin's sale price, and for comparison, the assembled Bolt-T guitar is $799 at Carvin's sale price. I've been impressed with Carvin guitars since the '80s, and finally decided to own one. I’ve always loved classic Fender colors, so I opted for Daphne Blue. The Carvin pickups are pretty basic. The one I played had the following specs: Good ole' Carvin. ). The hardware was top notch as well. I have a 22 screw Carvin pickup in the bridge position of my L6S and it screams! The administrators will block all e-mail addresses violating the established BBS rules. I read consumer reviews for all my major purchases wheteher it be a car, washer or stereo. Once I applied a primer and several coats of the blue, I finished with a coat of clear lacquer, again from a spray can, but this time procured from We cheerfully accept returns within 30 days. Carvin has wiring diagrams in several links in the manuals ... Wickid already did a fantastic job on the separate pickups so this will be a different angle on the same pickups. I couldn’t use the S-S-H (single-coil, single-coil, humbucker) Carvin pickguard since I decided this superstrat needed only a bridge pickup, so I began to look around for a strat-style pickguard cut for only a bridge humbucker, which proved surprisingly difficult. Within a few days I had my pickup installed on my new pickguard, and I’ve had a blast playing the guitar ever since. The kit took a few weeks to arrive. The Wilkinson tremolo stays in perfect tune, doesn't require a wrench to change strings, and is a great addition to this guitar. May 20, 2009. Carvin has been hand making guitars in the USA for 30 years. The model I tested had a tune-o-matic string through bridge although you can get a Wilkinson or Fender style hardtail or even a Floyd Rose. Guitar Kit Builder - the Online Magazine for Builders & Modders of Guitars, Amplifiers and Effects. They are VERY hot. Certainly, they produce a clear tone and don’t at all sound like cheap pickups, but they don’t have the midrange response that many people, including myself, prefer. Very fast. This color, along with other custom Gibson and Fender colors, is available in spray can form from ReRanch Guitar Finishing, which also offers some useful advice for first time finishers. REVIEW: Carvin CT6M. Board-Mitarbeiter. von BarkingSheep, 27.09.05. In fact, I had to call Carvin to inquire about its status once the usual delivery time was exceeded. Welcome! Since I wasn’t crazy about the Carvin pickups, I decided that I would take the guitar in another direction. Carvin review / Pickups / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com I could very easily see why customers often request oil rather than lacquer on the necks of luthier-built guitars. Your Wishlist is empty! We use PayPal and Shopify Payments - your credit card information is never shared with us. The materials and workmanship easily exceeded that found on guitars for which one might pay four or five times more than the cost of the kit. One of the ways in which a player can achieve such goals is to build his own guitar; unfortunately the skills and tools needed to do so are prohibitive for most guitarists. "Bolt-T" designates it as Carvin's Bolt model with the "-T" indicating that it includes a Wilkinson tremolo.