Design Data Bool P. No. Non-horizontal And Vertical Shafts: Drives using non-horizontal shafts often work best with side guide chain and an automatic tensioner. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The input speed will be 900 rpm, and the desired output speed is 230 to 240 rpm. When the load is, heavy and the speed is high , the highspots(joints) of the contacting surfaces are, To lubricate chain-sprocket contact surfaces, PSG Design Data Book P. No: 7.74 based on the calculated, ) using the formula in PSG. It is particularly important in vertical center drives. Select the Preferred transmission ratio from PSG Design Data Book P. No: 7.74 based on the calculated (i) value. Within the browse window, select the chain type and the size. Switch to Design tab and click the Browse for a chain command next to the Chain box. For optimum drive performance the following points should be considered: Sprockets: For long life, sprockets should have a minimum of 17 teeth. Under ordinary conditions the slack strand may be either on the upper or lower side of the drive. Please allow cookies to see the video. Maintenance World – An article source for reliability and maintenance management professionals, The Keys to Solving Fatigue: The Silent Killer, How to Use Mechanical Integrity Inspections, Fostering Asset Reliability from the Floor Level, Checking Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance, How to Improve Your PM Program in 10 Steps. In this case, a particular tooth of the sprocket wheel does not come in contact with a particular link of the chain for every rotation. In the Working Conditions group box, specify the power to be transmitted, type of application, lubrication, and environment. 7.74, in PSG. Add the number of sprockets. Chain drive requires lubrication for six purposes. Share and vote on ideas for future product releases. The production of chain drive is higher than belt drives. The inputs that fail the calculation are displayed in red (their value does not correspond with other inserted values or calculation criteria). Wear resistance. Set the power ratio to 1. © Copyright 2020 Autodesk Inc. All rights reserved. 7.74 and calculate pitch value (p), After calculating pitch value, from PSG Design Data Book P. No: 7.74 select standard pitch value, PSG Design Data Book P. No: 7.77 and calculate breaking load in kgf, PSG Design Data Book P. No: 7.77 calculate bearing stress, PSG Design Data Book P. No: 7.77 based on speed of small sprocket and pitch value, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, Click here to download Chain Drive Selection Procedure and Sample Problem Presentation, Select minimum factor of safety "n" based on the values of pitch and speed of small sprocket in. Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, Select the Preferred transmission ratio from, Using the formula of optimum centre distance, Rearrange the formula for Power Transmitted in, Based on the calculated breaking load and pitch value select the Roller chain from, Using the formula of power transmitted in, Power transmission chains (roller chains), The roller chains has the following parts. Chain Width: The use of a wider than recommended chain will result in a more rugged drive and improved drive life. With the slack on top there is danger of the upper strand hitting the lower as the chain elongates. Reports of the calculation are displayed in the Summary of Messages area which is displayed after clicking the chevron in the right lower part of the Calculation tab. Edit the chain drive. For smoother, quieter drives use a minimum of 23 teeth. Click Accept. Select the chain drive, right-click and select the Edit Using Design Accelerator. Where the center distance is comparatively short, slack on the lower strand is preferable. With the slack on the upper strand there is a tendency for the chain to be forced out of proper engagement with the sprockets. Less care and adjustment will be required if the drive can be positioned slightly off the vertical as illustrated. To select a chain, click Browse. by Ramsey Products Posted 1/4/2005. As a rule of thumb, we recommend using a safety factor of 7 in relation to the tensile strength. Chain Drive Design Recommendations. If you changed calculation values, click Calculate to see the strength check and geometric calculation. For smoother, quieter drives use a minimum of 23 teeth. Software installation, registration & licensing. Tell us about your issue and find the best support option. Set second sprocket as sliding. Select working solution, and click Accept. Shaft Center Distance: The center distance should be great enough that the chain wraps the small sprocket at least 120°. Conventional chain drive suffers vibrations due to chordal effect. Type of Chain Roller Chain is selected for the application Step:2. The chain meshes with the sprockets, transmitting rotary motion between the two. When browsing for the chain drive, you can specify the browse method. = n1/n2 = 900/235 = 3.83 3. The conveyor requires 15.0 hp. For smooth operation of chain drives higher number of teeth 19 or 21 gives better life expectancy to the chain with less noise during operation. The chain drive needs accurate and careful mounting. On the Design Guide group box, select Transmission ratio from the drop-down list. Power transmission can occur in reverse, that is, from driven to driver sprocket, due to external loads. Design Data Book P. No. You can change the number or type of sprockets, recalculate values, and so on. Typically the amount of adjustment should equal 1% of the pitch. On the Design tab: Select the chain midplane for the chain drive coordinate system.Note: You must specify the chain midplane to design and calculate chain drive. You can change the values and units directly in the edit fields. The preferred position for a drive is that where a fine between shaft centers is horizontal or inclined not more than 45 degrees. this makes the chain to ride out on the sprocket teeth resulting in, Galling is stick slip phenomenon between the pin and bushing. Shaft Center Adjustment: Center adjustment to allow for wear is always desirable. Calculation results are displayed in the Results area. The first sprocket is always a driver. This action is similar to a non-slipping belt wrapped around a rotating polygon. Chain Length: Whenever possible, chain length should be an even number of pitches so an offset section can be avoided. Roller chains ‐ Calculation Design a chain drive for a heavily loaded coal conveyor to be driven by a gasoline engine through a mechanical drive.