Note that the hinge terminates medially of the ends, generally just before the commencement of the curved ends 27 and 27'. 1. 8 showing a "triple" groove; and. Rod Supports. Xangar hanger spacers make perfect baby closet organizers, kids closet organizers, portable closet organizers, or additions to any custom closet organizer system. U S. Pat. Our perfect design is made of durable, thick foam that's flexible enough to offer one-handed application, with no need to remove the closet rod. Take a deep breath. 7 showing a "double" groove, and FIG. Available in a pack of two, these spacers provide a finished look to any open-ended FreeSlide shelving (not included). These work well for intended purpose - keeping your shirt collars from getting smashed but they are pricey. In FIG. Learn more. Each tube has at least one groove circumferentially formed on its outer surface so that the hook of a hanger may rest in the groove and may thereby be secured at a distance from its neighbor. First of all, they come in two different sizes which surprised me. The lateral length along edges 18, 18, may be varied to suit service needs, e.g., a longer hinge where the collar is to be frequently opened and closed. It is another object of this invention to provide a specially designed spacing collar for slidable attachment to a clothes bar in order to maintain the proper distance between the garments hanging on said clothes bar without dismounting the bar from its end supports. 5. 12. A plan view of an opened spacing collar is shown in FIG. Please try again. This description will clearly enable one skilled in the art to make and use the invention, and describes several embodiments, adaptations, variations, alternatives and uses of the invention, including what we presently believe is the best mode of carrying out the invention. These work well for intended purpose but pricey. The spool ends (discs) abut. Snap closure means secures the two hemi-shells closed. Keep hangers from sliding off the open ends of your Rubbermaid FreeSlide Wire Shelving with Rubbermaid FreeSlide Rod Spacers. 4. When they arrived I was surprised by two things. Furthermore, when the garments form a close stack the garment will be crushed and not hang "straight" resulting in wrinkling. 1 that the axial length of the spacer may be selected to suit the type of clothing. or oval in cross section. Similarly the use, e.g. This design also presents the inconvenience of removing the clothes bar to slide the spacer onto the bar. The beads face in opposite directions. 7 and 8. (iii) each section being bounded by at least one clamping edge; (b) said first and second sections being joined together along at least a portion of a common hinging edge to receivingly engage said rod in clamshell fashion and cause said hangers to hang on said rod between end walls of adjacent ones of a plurality of said spacing collars enclosed on said rod; and. (b) said sections are sufficiently resiliently to permit snap locking and unlocking of said hook from said engaging means. 6B shows in cross section A--A one snaplock embodiment, and in cross-section B--B a second embodiment; FIGS. 3 is a cross sectional view of a closed spacing collar showing one type of closure for locking the spacing collar; FIG. 14. Prime-Line Stamped Steel, Adjustable, Closet Door, Floor Guide (2-pack) (25) Model# N 6560 $ 4 48. No. In addition, as the person slides hangers on the bar seeking to find a particular garment, some of the garments tend to slide off the hanger and fall to the floor. Clothing Rack Rod Dividers, HOUSE DAY 4 Pack Metal Magic Hangers Space Saving Hangers Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Hanger Oragnizer, Updated Hook Design, InterDesign Axis Scarf Holder with 18 Rings, Wardrobe Organiser for Scarves, Ties, Belts Etc, Made of Metal, Silver, (10pcs) - Household Mall Pack of 10 Pcs 38cm Black Magic Hangers Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Hanger Oragnizer. In section A--A of FIG. STENBERG, STEVEN LEE, CALIFORNIA, Free format text: There was a problem completing your request. 9. 2,058,416 which shows a clip to prevent towels from slipping off towel bars; and U.S. Pat. Clothes Hanging. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. Love the way they look, and can't wait to have my closet made over by one of the closet companies then add Xangar spacers!!!!!!!!!!!! Available in three colors: Gray, Pink or Silver. A preferred hinge construction 19 is illustrated in FIGS. The plastic may be color-coded or labeled. and length of from about 1 3/8.increment. Our perfect design is made of durable, thick foam that's flexible enough to offer one-handed application, with no need to remove the closet rod. Feel the difference of true closet organization with Xangar hanger spacers. 5. Closet Rods and Rod Supports. Typical dimensions are 23/8.increment. PERFECT DESIGN - We thought this one out so you don't have to: one-handed application, glides smoothly for easy access, universally sized to fit small to heavy duty closet rods and any kind of clothes hangers, made of durable, thick foam. FIG. At each end of the collar the inner diameter of the collar is reduced to slightly larger than the diameter of the supporting bar so that the spacing collar has a shell-like construction. No. 3. 6B the two leading edges 24, 26 overlap radially to form the lips 28, 30 in a Z-configuration. No. Also it is difficult to transfer a hanger from one groove to another when needed. LOVE YOUR CLOSET - When you tidy up your space and get rid of clutter,you free your mind of stress and being overwhelmed. This is reduced with narrowed entry groove 35 of this embodiment. In a preferred embodiment the spacing collar is a cylinder having rounded ends as seen in longitudinal (axial) cross-section, which cylinder is divided into two hemicylindrical sections by a straight hinge joining adjacent edges of the sections in a clamshell-type construction. By allowing a little extra breathing room between each hanger, your items stay wrinkle-free, accessible, and don't need extra ironings. For example, we prefer a spacer outside diameter 2 3/8.increment. In the alternative, for children's clothes rods, the shape may be irregular in cross-section where, for example the shape is an animal or character figure, e.g. FIG. The two half shells are simply snapped together over the bar. A clothes hanger spacer as in claim 1 wherein said spacer includes indicia identifying a particular use of said spacer disposed in association with at least one exterior surface of said spacer. A spacing collar for receivingly engaging a rod to maintain hooks of garment hangers in predetermined spaced relation to one another which comprises in operative combination: (a) matingly engaging first and second sections. 2. U.S. Pat. O.D., 13/4 to 3.increment. Still other objects are evident from the drawings, specification and claims. 8. The problem with this design is that the hangers can rest on the surface of the sleeve or easily come out of the shallow groove, thus not accomplishing maintaining the spacing of the hangers. 7, and a three (or "triple") version is shown in FIG. 7 and 8 and collars having spaced grooves for supporting more than one hanger, FIG. It is an object of this invention to provide a means for attaching a spacing-collar to a clothes rod which avoids the necessity of dismounting the bar, and the items thereon, in order to insert an end of the rod through an opening in the collar. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. 6B. A split ring design is also suggested (Column 2 Line 64-69). 3,940,085 shows a 4 part collapsible spool-type reel; and U.S. Pat. PROTECTS YOUR CLOTHES - Good for you, and even better for your clothes, Xangar closet organizers give each item of clothing room to breathe and avoid being crushed and wrinkled, smushed and needing extra ironings. 1 and has a plurality of chambered circumferential grooves, 34, for receiving the hooks 13 of hangers. The spacing collar is shown to comprise hemicylindrical sections, 14 and 16, hinged together along adjacent edges 18, 18' of the sections to form a clamshell construction. I love everything about this product..! (2-pack) (16) Model# N 6761 $ 3 68. 1 open with the bar removed; FIG. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Five of them are about a half an inch thick while the other five or 1 inch thick.The second thing that surprised me is that they are different material than my original original xanger spacers. Xangar hanger spacers make perfect baby closet organizers, kids closet organizers, portable closet organizers, or additions to any custom closet organizer system. Please try again. The resulting closed collar is spaced slightly from the bar to permit slidable contact therealong. Closet Rods. Keep things tidy and orderly with Xangar hanger spaces. gravity will cause the fin to rotate under the bar. Mix and match, color code, or pick your favorite hue. The following detailed description illustrates the invention by way of example, not by way of limitation of the principles of the invention.