Conflict is actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests.Conflict as a concept can help explain many aspects of social life such as social disagreement, conflicts of interests, and fights between individuals, groups, or organizations. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at a child and said: “ignore them, they just want attention”, you’ve unintentionally suppressed a fundamental cry for attention and you are teaching children to repress their worries and concerns. These were extremely deep questions that provided an issue with the faith of people who have stayed religious all their lives and many got confused. Both children need to agree on the solution. This forces the child to focus on active listening, rather than simply waiting for their turn to speak and planning their defence without taking into consideration the other child’s feelings. These phrases, however, are methods of censorship. Conflict with school colleagues is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to fester. When children are born they communicate their needs through a proto-language of screams, babbling, and tears. On the other hand, the growth of science and technology has provided alternative explanations to the genesis of society. This perpetuates a cycle of bad behaviour and the child becomes used to chastisement and ineffective commands. It’s important to address issues head on and constructively. Or it could be external factors such as bereavement, neglect, illness, disability, anxiety or trauma amongst many other reasons. Organizational Culture. Your working relationship—and your school—will be better for it. In the movie Remember the Titans there is an example of a group conflict that arose over integrating races. Charles Darwin and other scientists have explained how the world was formed and this provides an alternative thesis to the creation story and how the world was supposed to have come to being. In effect, the right thing to do is to move the debate from an issue of whether Creation happened or not or a competition between whether Science provides a better alternative to Religion or not. This conflict encompasses the opportunity for personal growth because of the increased need to learn to defend their position in front of classmates, to … Every parent worries about conflict within the school environment; it is a topic discussed widely in the media and cannot be ignored which may have been the case with past generations when children were encouraged to “toughen up” when faced with dealing with conflict. A conflict that ensued whilst teaching about dinosaurs and its implications for science and religion is discussed. Countries and communities have relied on priests and other persons with spiritual authority to define what is right and wrong and set the parameters for society. Schools experience similar communication and conflict difficulties to those that exist in all other areas of human interaction. Understanding this means you can get to the root of the behaviour, prevent future conflicts, and prevent power struggles rather than dismissing the source of problem behaviour and seeking only to stop it at that moment. Disruptive and attention seeking behaviours occur due to a myriad of concerns. Teach children to recognise the validity of the others opinion by asking them to repeat what the other child said. Moreover, the results showed that there is a greater likelihood for these conflicts to arise in urban schools than in other regions. They argue that this role is fulfilled through the disparity of resources available to students in richer and poorer neighborhoods as well … 1 Understanding Conflict in Schools And he had evidence to prove some of Darwin’s advanced concepts and theories. Later on, they would encounter biology and advanced religion and they would have to decide what they believe. Free Essay Sample. The Fourteenth Amendment also gives parents the right to family relationships. However, the secular child had a lot of information about the subject. For most children, this is the natural method of communicating needs. We teach children to censor their emotions; to behave and get on with it. For example, if the conflict arose from one person crossing her legs and pointing at another, you may want to bring the topic of body language to your class for discussion. Your responses matter. Here are some other examples of conflicts of interest in a school setting: A teacher accepts a lavish gift from a parent, even though this violates school policy. History has shown that many people in Christian Europe were burnt in the stake for questioning the fundamental values of Christianity and one of them is the creation story. New York: McGraw Hill. This could be due to a child who is struggling to keep up with the workload and level of work and, therefore, acts out to disguise it. Irrespective of the foundation that conflict springs from, all behaviour should be treated with the same methods. CONFLICT IS NORMAL Conflict is ordinary. There are five steps involved in children’s conflict resolution: regaining composure, speaking respectfully, paraphrasing each other, speaking some more, and then creating a solution. This would differentiate between right and wrong and define the parameters of actions and perception of information. 1. Don’t have an account yet? So, coaching children on how to handle their conflicts is about teaching children to address their emotions up front in a calm manner and to speak out in a healthy way rather than bottle up and tantrum out. Propose how they might begin a sentence or get them to ask for the other child to repeat themselves. Some are trivial fights over toys while others stem from problems that happen outside of school. As a teacher of a school with learners from many countries, there are numerous perceptions and ideas that conflict. A moment to think helps children understand that they can choose their behaviour. The secular children stated that Noah and his wife and three sons could not have populated the world after the flood. They’ll forget and you’ll get frustrated. For generations, people have relied on spiritual authority. Based on this, there was nothing to contend over in the class and focus was returned to the main issue under discussions – dinosaurs, their extinction, sources of fossil fuel and how today’s world thrives on that aspect of history. Other methods of censorship are more subtle and are often useful to use once a conflict has been resolved — but they should never be used in place of addressing emotions. How is a child supposed to make sense of these? Come share … According to Douglas and Emily (2011), business environment has changed significantly recently. As a consequence, they are more likely to act out because they feel powerless; they feel as though you never trusted them to undertake the task. The group conflict was within the newly formed high school football team from the integration of two high schools within the community. Help children to negotiate solutions. Any attempt to go outside these frameworks and processes was considered to be blasphemous or heretic. That is the essence of education – to enable people to become the best they can be within their own unique cultural and ideological framework or context. This is because the children were most likely to report what they had heard to their parents and this was going to create a problem that could cause an administrative problem in the school. In doing this, people are supposed to give credence to some kind of authority or power over them. Literally speaking, culture helps to define what is “sane” and what is “insane”. This is important in laying the foundation for future studies in the natural sciences. Cultural Conflict in Schools. This, in turn, aggravates the need to self-express through conflict and negative behaviour. Hence, the conflict was somewhat legitimate and it resulted from the natural conditioning of the minds of the children. CONFLICTSAT SCHOOL 2. Leave your email and get a reminder when it starts, Check price for your plagiarism-free paper on. When children act out, it’s because they cannot articulate themselves by other means. There was a non-judgmental view of the comments and opinions of the religious child as against the secular child. All orders at are delivered exceptionally for research purposes. Therefore, it occurred to me that the problem was one relating to values, rather than mere child’s play or arguments between equals. © 2019 High Speed Training Ltd. All rights reserved. Having a discussion with a team about the role that healthy conflict can play, and what healthy conflict looks and sounds like, can help mediate unhealthy conflict and set the team on a powerful path. Hence, they lived in their homes and were exposed to ideas of their parents. If you string a series of actions together, children could forget what you’ve asked of them. This is detrimental for later life relationships and communication skills. Basically, this would have been brushed off as a minor incident. Hence, there was the need to demonstrate the nature of dinosaurs in the Jurassic Age and previous ages that came before it. 3. It shapes what is acceptable and norms. This might seem harmless but it’s confusing. Bendell (2005) argues that, there is no single definite definition of what CSR is,…, Describe the consequences of nationalism The affection, responsibility and an inclination to sacrifice for the country is defined as nationalism.