Imported from France, de Buyer cookware has been the benchmark of French Cookware for over 180 years. De Buyer Mineral B vs. Mauviel M Steel? A very popular choice among chefs in professional kitchens, the De Buyer Mineral B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan is made in France. Difference between "white" and "blue" steels is that last one made with blueing process. My research suggested that of all the French-style carbon steel pans I'd be happiest with De Buyer Mineral B, and none I've seen since changes my mind on that. However, the Spring USA Blackline pans are hands down my favorite pans. Carbon Steel Pans - de Buyer or Matfer Bourgeat? De buyer frying pans series Carbone plus, Force blue, la Lyonnaise, and Mineral B are all made of carbon steel. 46 10 Joined Nov 13, 2009. I am down to these two options. As you will see below the Vollrath was the thinnest of all the pans I tested. Carbon steel is quite a bit heavier than stainless. greatly confused.. discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Carbon Steel food community. Tipping the scales at a mere 6.5 pounds, this pan is easy to wield when tossing your food while cooking, or when shifting it between the stove and the oven. These 4 series of pans differ by … The "Mineral B" pan, despite any confusing terminology, is a high carbon steel pan, not much different from your #2. They seem fairly similar, if not almost identical. De Buyer 10.2 inch Mineral B Element Iron Frypan, Round with Neoprene Handle measured 3.45 mm or 0.1360 inches ; I took my three pans and measured them with a micrometer. Thread in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' Thread starter Started by jwk1, Start date Dec 19, 2009; Dec 19, 2009 #1 jwk1. I'm about to buy my first carbon steel pan so I can stop poisoning myself with calphalon pans lol. Read the Confused about De Buyer Mineral Element B pan, is it iron or steel? I love them all for different things. It behaves much like a really good cast iron, but is slightly thinner and lighter for its size. I've done a search of the threads and see that de Buyer and Matfer Bourgeat are the two that look good to me. I've heard that the De Buyer may tend to warp easier. The handle on both ends of the pan makes a huge difference in maneuvering a full 12-inch pan. Next, was the Matfer Bourgeat and finally, the thickest measurement was from the de Buyer pan. de Buyer is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. I want to get a couple of carbon steel pans. Does anyone have any feedback in terms of the pros and cons of each or which one is better? Join the discussion today. Discover a wide range of cookware from Mineral B carbon steel frying pans, to Prima Matera copper copper cookware and … Right in the middle between cast iron and stamped carbon steel, and a higher quality than either. I have the De Buyer 12" 'mineral B', and a couple of cast irons (and a couple of stainless). So difference is mostly decorative. For a larger 12.5-inch pan, I recommend the more expensive De Buyer Mineral B fry 12.5-inch pan.