Because of the strong odor they give off, moles will avoid it because they despise the smell. After that, distribute the slices around the yard. And the next time your cat uses their litter box, scoop that up and keep it as well. Just like you expect, the easiest way to do this is to make your garden less appealing to moles. Well, if coffee is good at killing things, then surely the You should also make sure that you’re not dealing with a vole, rather than a mole. We want to provide high-quality content to people who are looking for these topics. You should avoid this when possible and stick with a home remedy to get rid of them because there are plenty out there that are very effective. Lastly, pets, kids, and your family may mistakenly eat or touch the mothballs. And since poison can be so dangerous it’s not typically recommended unless absolutely every available option has already been exhausted. Use any of the methods discussed above. Occasionally you’ll find up to 5 on an acre, but this is rare. Careful when adding them to your vermicompost bin, though, as the matter may harm the organisms. If you can’t try the methods above, then go ahead and give these a whirl. If you go through with this and distinguish the correct pest that the moles are eating, then you’ll be able to get rid of the pretty fast. Do this around various tunnels until you use up all the gum. Garlic is natural and safe for most plants, so you can use it liberally. They’re known to spend their time in “mole shifts.” They split their day into four-hour blocks. If the pH level seems like it’s enough to drive grubs away, then keep it. They can be used to help repel rodents, pests and random cats. The reason that moles will be around your fresh garden is that the fresh produce you are growing will attract a variety of insects, which, in turn, will attract moles. You can do a search on this site to see if there’s a guide for the bug you’re dealing with. How to make DIY dish soap ground mole repellent. I’m a firm believer in self-sufficiency, no matter where you live, and the power and pride that comes from doing something for yourself. Then stop and reassess the situation. Buy on … Cut the gum into ½ inch squares. Despite its color, coffee is considered to be a ‘green’ addition, so it needs to be mixed in with plenty of ‘brown,’ like dried leaves. Coffee is terrible for your I read other anecdotal advice saying that slugs won’t even go near coffee grounds. When I was at home more often, I had the time to train Vito actually to chase geese when they landed on our property. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep moles out of your yard and garden. Probably not. That's why it can be tough to keep them off your house without proper planning and execution. Add a pile of dirt on top to seal off the entrance. If you have a pest problem that’s not covered here, feel free to contact me and let me know. Walk Over to the Suspected Area and See if the Ground Feels “Squishy”, Find the Mole’s Main Tunnel (this will be a raised, consistent path), Use a Thin Metal Rod to Confirm the Tunnel, Make Sure That the Animal Has Not Eaten Your Plants, Use 1/4 in. Buy a container and make sure it’s just pure lime. But at the same times, we are also participants in life. They’ll then run over there and gobble it up. Plants like marigolds, daffodils, alliums, and fritillarias seem to do the trick. The method has no concrete proof that it actually works. After that, add some water to make it smell. What Could Be Digging a Hole in My Flowerbed at Night? Castor oil is probably one of the best home remedies on the planet for mole control you can possibly do. They spend all day doing this and can end up with quite the hoard of worms. Avoid if possible. So, your property can suffer from extensive surface damage even though the moles live exclusively underground. Gophers have a tendency to make many holes, whereas moles will most likely create one or two entry points into their tunnel. The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as professional advice, or to replace a relationship with a qualified professional. If you keep replenishing the supply of fresh grounds, you could -- in theory -- keep the moles away for good. DIY mole removal techniques can cost little to nothing, however getting a professional in to do the job can be quite a bit more. It’s definitely more challenging to train an animal to chase moles since they’re underground most of the time. Moles rarely will actually come out of their holes, prohibit the use of mothballs to kill moles. Note that this can harm your lawn, plants, and other foliage if you’re not careful. And we’ll discuss some natural home remedies to rid ground moles from your yard. No one likes to find the telltale signs of a ground mole in the yard; the unsightly open holes and molehills are signs of a tunnel network below the surface. They’re not effective and the cons outweigh the pros. You don’t know how your plants or lawn will react to the mixture. Keeping your garden and home clean and maintenance. This method is lethal and will kill moles. ), How to Get Rid of Field Mice Naturally (DIY Home Remedies), How to Get Rid of Mealybugs Naturally (Ultimate Guide), How to Get Rid of Bats Naturally (Little & Big Brown…, How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally (Ultimate Guide). There are still a few things that can be done before having to call in a service. It’s a good alternative solution if you don’t want to try the steps above. Start small then go big if you don’t notice any damage. When they detect people walking around, dogs sniffing the floor or even another mole on the surface, they’ll stop digging and check out what’s going on. Get a bulk pack so you have enough. I started off with a nasty fly problem, and was very interested in finding ways to get rid of them without having to use harmful chemicals and pesticides. Here are a few things you can do together or your own to drive moles out of your yard. We were always busy. dumped in the compost bin. Anything, in particular, you’d like to see more of? Gardeners are aware of a number of substances that repel moles, and coffee grounds is one of them. Moles are easy to identify. They then will then bring the worms back to keep in the area they’ve carved out to be their “eating chamber”. Then pour the water directly into the molehill. When comparing tunnels, it’s interesting to note that gophers and voles dig different sized paths than moles. Sprinkling coffee grounds, or putting a small bowl of them near the wall that seems to be the source of the smell will help to diffuse the odor, a far superior idea than cutting open the … If you catch a mole scouring some plant matter, they’re not looking to eat it. Grow HUGE plants with coffee grounds! Do you have molehills all over the place? So, these days I consider myself to be almost a homesteader. Just make sure you measure at least 2 feet deep! How? So, they build tunnels to travel around and live in. Remember, caffeine inhibits plant growth. Mothballs may work for other indoor pests like cockroaches or stink bugs, but not so much for moles. He built our rough-hewn log cabin when I was seven years old, and I spent much of my childhood roaming the woods and getting my hands dirty. You’ll obviously want to use gloves and a doggy bag preferably to handle the dog feces. When you water your lawn, it makes the soil softer and attracts more earthworms. If you have a smaller garden or want a smaller one, this will be an excellent method for you. You’ll find what works and what doesn’t. Yeah, there are a few oils out there that can help repel moles from your yard. link to How Do Stink Bugs Get Into Your House? 9 Scents That Raccoons Hate (and How to Use Them). Mothballs aren’t very effective in controlling moles in your yard. Dig into a mole tunnel and drop the piece of gum in there. Required fields are marked *. Do you have dirt and debris on your lawn? You’ll have to monitor constantly to make sure you’re not adding too much. You can use many different home remedy DIY techniques to get rid of the current mole problem.