To delve deeper into this fabulous subject To find out lots more about the wonderful wild flowers of Crete we can highly recommend the excellent, well written and informative hand book named Wild Flowers of Crete. When Demeter was searching for Persephone, she stopped to rest at a farmer's cottage and quenched her thirst with a sweet barley-drink. They ancients mostly used them as swine-feed. When the god was grown he sought the aid of the goddess Metis or Gaia who served Kronos an herbal emetic which caused the Titan to disgorge his divine sibligns: Poseidon, Haides, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Minoan frescoes at Knossos depict dolphins (delfinia) and have a long association with Crete. The nurse of the infant prince Opheltes lay him in a bed of wild celery as she gave directions to the heroes of the Seven Against Thebes. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, Eris the goddess of strife, cast a golden apple addressed to the fairest amongst the goddesses. Pan was depicted as a vigorous and lustful man with the horns, pointed ears, and furred legs of a goat and Faunus was represented in a similar fashion. (Source: Nonnus) Company, Let’s Start at the Beginning – Planning Your Trip, Celebrating 5 Years With Volkan’s Adventures. (Source: Hesiod), Greek : Kyparissos The witch Medea was skilled in the use of magical herbs. A serpent came forth and killed the baby. Myth 2 : Pelian Ash Spear. Have you ever Click here to learn about developing your own money-generating website. The spittle of the beast dripped upon the earth, and from it sprang the first aconite plant. However, fearing that his yet unborn baby might be wiser than himself, Zeus swallows Mctis together with the child she was carrying and incorporates them into his own body. Sacred to : Artemis (there was a sanctuary of Artemis Kedreatis, Lady of the Cedar, near Orkhomenos where the cult image was set in the tree), Greek : Selinon A boy loved by the god Hermes. Myth 3 : Melanion & Atalanta. Also find species of mammals, as from tiny field mouse to the mighty bison. Sponges, seashells and a variety of sea anemones can also be found. In gratitude for this valuable gift,  the city was called Athena and the peninsula in which it is located was named Attica. Rights Reserved. A myth regarding the founding of the city of Athens explains the connection between Athena and the olive tree, which is her sacred tree. On certain beaches on Crete you can see the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (caretta caretta). Myth 2 : Barrow of Eetion. So don't forget to pack your binoculars when taking your holiday in Crete! The thyrsos of Dionysos was a fir- (or pine) cone tipped staff. With the pangs of unrequited love, Apollo assimilated the Bay tree as his own sacred possession. Flora was the twin sister to Fauna, the goddess of animals and wildlife and was originally was called Sabine. This tree of the golden apples was guarded by the three goddess Hesperides. Many choose the island as the perfect destination for mountain climbing, trekking, hiking or biking too. The plant that is now named hyacinth is not the same as the ancient Greek hyakinthos. These crops comprised of Wheat, Maize, Rice, Sugar Cane, Sugar Beet, Pea, Potato, Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Chili, Turnip, Radish Carrot, Cauliflower, Several Kinds of cereal, Grains, and Cotton, etc. By following his studied or idea, naturalists started the use of Flora and Fauna as the term to the identification of various individuals in a Taxonomic Hierarchy. A number of the economically vital flowering and non-flowering plants of Asian country are mentioned below: The high mountains within the Northern and North Western are component of Pakistan, because of the adequate snowstorm, support thick forests. Myth 2 : Death of Aias. The Hamadryad nymph of the wild grape vine. Sacred to : Helios (Source: Nonnus), Greek : Hyakinthos Description : A perennial spring-flowering bulb with delicate blood-red flowers. There are many monuments of Flora, e.g. This leads him to become a representative god of the wildlife. When her father learned of the affair, he buried her beneath the sands. (Source: Hesiod, Apollodorus, et al) The aromatic leaves of the bay are edible and are / were used in cooking. He was the first to discover the use of medicinal herbs and instructed many heroes in the craft, including the famous Asklepios. However, what he symbolises is not nature itself, but the relation man of nature’s secrets. See also : Aconite, Hellebore, Hemlock, Mint and Moly (separate entries). Sacred to : Hermes (Source: Apollodorus, et al), Greek : Lygos, agnos Klytie was a Nymphe loved by the sun-god Helios. Herakles was sent to fetch Kerberos forth from the underworld as one of his twelve labours. Description : A late-summer and autumn blooming perennial whose yellow stigmas are the source of saffron, a food spice and expensive yellow dye. Popular medicine still uses sweat gum balsam for medicinal purposes. Pakistan contains a long stretch of high mountains in its north and north-west, plateaus in Baluchistan and Potohar, plains of Indus and patches of deserts in the geographical area of Punjab and Sindh. (Source: Hesiod), Greek : Sykea (Source: Strabo), Greek : Ptelea (Source: Homeric Hymns) Flora is married to Favonius, the wind god also known as Zephyr, and her companion was Hercules. Description : The apple-tree was an important orchard fruit of ancient Greece. Prohibitions : Beans were a prohibited food in the mystery-cult of Demeter. [8] On May 23 another (rose) festival was held in her honor.[5]. (Source: Athenaeus), Greek : Leirion, krinon The name ultimately derives from Proto-Indo-European *bʰleh₃ōs ('blossoming'). As a youth he was instructed by the centaur Kheiron in the use of herbal remedies, but went on to perfect the art.