Posted on October 12, 2020 by. Also, something good to have on hand is DiaResQ, food for special dietary use which promotes a healthy digestive tract due to the natural benefits of its ingredients. Being that Gatorade is so high in sugar, it can also be addictive, particularly for children. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. 1. gatorade uk equivalent. Alternatively, you could try to make your own : It's a sports drink that can help with dehydration. I live in France, we have a Gatorade equivalent called Powerade here. You or your kids participate in low-moderate sports or activities. Do you btw know whether Aquarius sports drink is having the same effect? To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Depending on the flavor, Gatorade uses Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40 and Blue 1. Aquarius (orange)? That is available here. I can't stand Gatorade / powerade taste plus all that dye & sugar. By focusing on these four alternatives to Gatorade, you can stay hydrated and healthy. Based out of Boulder, CO, we strive to provide our readers with up to date, helpful information about diarrhea, hydration, healthy foods, and travel. DiaResQ®, the DiaResQ® logo, PanTheryx, and the PanTheryx logo are trademarks of PanTheryx, Inc. All rights reserved. You or a child is experiencing dehydration due to diarrhea. If you’re using Gatorade as an everyday or sports beverage, consider replacing with one of the four beverages below. Sugar-laden sports drinks are really doing you no favors, and there are plenty of easily accessible, far superior options. But Gatorade and other sports drinks tend to be high in sodium, so I am trying to mix in Smart Water. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, If you are a high-level athlete (participating in more than mild-moderate exercise), this is the only case you probably need more than just water. Within the United States, Gatorade accounts for approximately 75 percent market share in the sports drink category. Shelf stable beverages are safe to consume past the recommended use by date but may experience slight changes in flavor or color as the product ages. Coconut may be a good option for general hydration as well as camping trips, fitness events, and dehydration due to diarrhea. Gatorade is a shelf stable product, not a perishable product like milk or juice. I have the trigger shot this evening and egg collection Tuesday, and would like to get some of this Gatorade, however it is not available here in Europe to my knowledge. Opt for a version without added sugars. The Netherlands... any good sportdrink will do really, it's about rehydration. The options listed below are often seen out on the race course and can be found online or at select sporting goods stores, running stores, race expos, and even your neighborhood g I am not very up to date on sportsdrinks in general to be honest.. and I was unsure whether Gatorade was a sportsdrink as such. Maybe I should get a bit of orange. Gatorade contains 34 grams of sugar and dextrose per 20 oz. or? Will try to get hold of some ORS, and some sports drinks. Green tea might not be the best option for children (as it does contain caffeine). I have been reading this forum for a while and everybody is talking about Gatorade. Ok, so turns out this Gatorade is really "just" a sports drink then, the way people always write about it, I thought it may be something -very- special/different.