Guitar Intonation Tips. There are usually many different ones to choose from and there are often sliders for setting the tempo. Double that measurement to find the scale length of your guitar. You could also get a keyboard from Musician's Friend: Have you checked out my Lick "You are simply the best teacher on the internet. When you play guitar, you learn to fret the notes behind the fretwire, however, the note you hear is actually produced from the point the string contacts the fret itself. Guitars are machines, after all, and machines require maintenance. If, however, there’s a tuning discrepancy between the fretted 12th-fret note and the 12th-fret harmonic, the string is not correctly intonated and requires adjustment. Guitar techs take pride in making new nuts fairly quickly in preference to using shims. Intonation is the ability of your guitar to note out properly as you play up the neck. Here are some tips to make adjusting intonation easier and get better intonation from your guitar. That is, the bridge saddle must be moved farther from the nut until both pitches are correct. Shares (Image credit: Cindy Moorhead) In this Guitar Basics lesson, Jimmy Brown offers some tuning and intonation tips. I suffered with this particular problem for years before I finally had my saddle compensated by a repairman. You can tell when your intonation is out if an open string harmonic at the 12th fret (lightly touch string at the 12th fret and pluck it) and the fretted note one octave higher (hold the string down at the 12th fret and pluck it) are not the same. Mine If, using an accurate tuner, the string is found to be in tune both when fretting it at the 12th fret and when sounding its 12th-fret harmonic, the string is correctly intonated and you’re in good shape. Although there are many different bridge designs for electric guitars and basses, most if not all include some provision for adjusting intonation relatively easily by using moveable bridge saddles. What is Guitar Intonation? Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Lessons. Phillips head screwdriver. Start with a simple rhythm setting to practice with. By Guitar World Staff 03 August 2016. This principle needs to be upheld in slide guitar. The string is in tune “with itself.”. In that case, the fretted 12th-fret note will sound either sharp or flat compared to the 12th-fret harmonic, and this is where two basic principles come into play. It is quite simple to do, here is how I do it. Actually, there is a very economical and fun alternative to practicing with a metronome or a " dedicated " drum machine. 3. Topics. fret and see if the note is sharp or flat. Now, if the note is not perfectly in tune, use your tuner and tune the string so it's perfectly in tune (for me, a green Here are some tips to make adjusting intonation easier and get better intonation from your guitar. If your guitar still sounds noticeably out of tune even after you’ve tuned the open strings, the intonation is off—that is, the instrument is out of tune with itself. Make the bridge saddle move away If it is flat, turn the saddle screws clockwise so that the bridge saddle moves guitar basics. Set Your Intonation. The fourth-string saddle should be set parallel with the second-string saddle. Many of these have a headphone jack you can use to feed your amp's line in jack or to your computer sound card. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dolphinstreet_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',323,'0','0'])); Intonating a guitar puts it in tune with itself by slightly shortening or lengthening each string, which is done using the adjustable string-length mechanisms found at the bridge. ; Set up to work in a well-lit area with plenty of room. If the note is sharp, do the opposite - turn them counter-clockwise. For other than thin shims, the shim should be glued to the nut or saddle. For you computer guys - I recommend AP Tuner, a shareware software tuner that is awesome.Any decent tuner pedal should work too (I use my Rocktron X-tune also).