Phone : (518)795-4168 ... Droog Moto is a husband and wife custom motorcycle/lifestyle company. next to each category below for more info, click here to view our "More Information About Fraud" page, 2017 Ducati Hypermotard 939 SP Red Corse Stripe. Probably needs to be rejetted as well. Women started throwing themselves at poor Brian, who began showing up late to work on account of having to deal with regular debauchery-induced hangovers. Brian sent us even more pics from a photo shoot he did right here. His build is a 1983 CB650SC Nighthawk. Lizard king , Morrison bike my favorite bike for super custom change ups and flash to the additive bike builder like myself.. i just fihished 2001 suzuki 1000 total bike makeover. This ad contains inappropriate images/text which is considered to be offensive. That got my imagination firing on all cylinders. The default interest rate is for informational purposes and is not necessarily the rate offered by the financial institution. Brian told me that Big Pimpin’ Cycles will be selling Lizard King in about a year. I’ve got a thing for bobbers with glossy paintjobs and attitude. Brian said the Harley-Davidson project was “quite expensive” – no ****, ya think? $1,200.00 1984 Honda Nighthawk 650 Cafe Racer for sale in lehi, UT on KSL Classifieds. Misleading or confusing item/service description. The goal was to express his talent in art and fabrication, but besides that, Brian was motivated by his love for good old school rock. In February of 2012 Brian opened Big Pimpin’ Cycles working out of his garage to do repairs and paint work. The crowd went wild. The Nighthawk has a peculiar six speed shaft drive transmission and Brian bought it for only $250. License plate bracket: Custom made out of a SBC connecting rod Rear fender: Harley-Davidson chopped 6″ flat If you haven’t put it together yet, the name Lizard King is a biker wave salute to Morrison. That metric bobber became known as Lizard King. Brass accents: Whatever I could make work from hardware store Front tire: Durotour 110/90/19 Lizard King is a bike that looks like it would turn heads just about anywhere, and those Honda CB650’s inline four motors are known for their tried and true reliability. Ad is being used to send a message rather than sell an item/service. There’s something for all you readers to aspire too! Honda CB750 Nighthawk Cafe Racer Unlike many of the Honda CB750’s I see converted in to Cafe Racers this one started out as a mid 90’s Nighthawk. Frame: Rigid hard tail hand bent tubing, mig welded, satin black epoxy paint Im intrested in 1983 hon nthwk for sweet bobber & you have got me to buy back one of my old bikes for this type of mod… your a master ! Headlight brackets: In house fabricated one-off I’m not saying I’ll be buying a bobber any time soon – I just bought a house, I won’t be buying anything any time soon – but sometimes it’s nice to let the imagine run wild. Shift rod: Made from twisted 3/8″ brass stock Beer was flowing. Working on the Harley taught him to paint and nail a phenomenal HOK candy crystallized paint job. Kawasaki Cafe Racer Cb750 Cafe Racer Cafe Racer Bikes Cafe Racer Build Honda Nighthawk Honda Cbx Honda Scrambler Honda Motorcycles Cb 450. Please completely fill out the form and re-submit. Handlebars: Custom made If only for his sanity’s sake. Some custom shops like to breathe new life into old motorcycles. The thing didn’t even run, but check this sucker out now. Big Pimpin’ Cycles. People also love these ideas Posted by: Adrian S Trim: Surplus from a 1970’s Karmin gia New Battery. At this point I’m taking creative liberty with Brian’s life story, deal with it. – so in spring 2013 he decided to pick up a metric bobber to get it featured on bikerMetric. Shifter peg: Customized 45 Long Colt hollow point (thanks Vic) Everything on this 1983 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk bobber was custom made by Brian except for hand grips and the mirrors. I began looking up online motorcycle insurance quotes and came across Express Insurance, their rate was surprising (in a good way), but maybe that comes with a motorcycle of this age. Gas tank: Harley-Davidson Sportster peanut tank with custom gas cap made from a 70’s brass belt buckle Carbs: Sigma jet kit, other modifacations for ramping, and custom painting March 11, 2014 Growing up, Brian’s aim was to hot rod whatever he had. 1978 Kawasaki KZ750 Twin B It’s called Lizard King. rake, twisted chrome springer front end, CONTACT: Rear tire: V-Rubber 130/90/16 tour/sport Expired in 7/18 this is a street racing bike custom built very […] The bikes are reliable, have great proportions, are easy to work on, have a massive after market and are pretty easy to find since Honda produced tons of them. 1982 Honda NightHawk 650 Original Owner, 16,168 Miles, Garage Kept, All Original except for Windshield. View a wide selection of Motorcycles, Road Bikes Used and other great items on KSL Classifieds. At this point Brian was a welder and iron worker in a rut with a need for speed and a need for canvas for his creativity. Foot pegs: Modified old school “rat trap” bicycle pedals Others put a vintage spin on modern machinery. The owner’s name is Brian Hubbs. Tagged with: honda honda bobbers honda cb650 honda nighthawk. Motor: Stock lower ported & polished head Headlight: Bucket modified stock Honda CB750