The original "mother" you sent me was just so beautiful and healthy !! . It is awesome being able to know the temp of your brew - technically it is essential. . Brew Your Bucha Kombucha Tea SCOBY with Starter Fluid. Reviewed by Kelly Travis (Port Orange,Florida). Thank you again for your support and wonderful business ethic. Wraps around stainless steel brewer leaving room for reading the thermometer and using the spigot, Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Option 4. It's good product, it's easy to use it. The essential heat strip has been extremely important for keeping my kombucha brew at the perfect temperature for fermenting. The heating mat also can be used for germinating seedlings. Includes kombucha scoby and all accessories needed to brew 2 BATCHES of this fermented drink. The background is black and the indicator is dark blue, very difficult to make out unless you have bright light and are right up on it. Easiest, safest way to ensure the optimal temperature for your healthy, organic KOMBUCHA. I have one on every vessel and they really stick well. Can't read the temperature, VERY FAINT reading. It's easy to read, and stays in place, no worries about coming off. I can easily determine the temperature without the hassle of sticking an instant-read thermometer into my continuous brewer. One day it's 25 degrees and three days later the daytime temp is 65. The oven light can emit just enough heat to keep the … A picnic cooler or a thermal bag will work. They stick onto my glass jars properly and display the temperature of the contents of my jars. 7 things to Consider Before Drinking Kombucha. Congratulations...I will highly recommend you to others without hesitation. I just leave the heat strip below the continuous brew system and check on it everyday or so to make sure the temperature is in the correct range. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Very convenient way of monitoring temperature of your aquarium. Please try again. I like to use low-cost temperature strips to keep an eye on the temperature of my kombucha brews. These acids are the major reason kombucha is food-safe at room temperature and prevent mold. This strip totally helped! I love this thermometer. A great buy. Reviewed by Brittaney York (Snohomish, WA). I received the thermometer strip as part of the continuous brewer package, and I am so happy that I did! This thermometer strip is so handy! Kombucha Brewing and Fermentation Heat Mat, Kombucha Instant Read Ph Test Strips - 15 Strip Pack, Fermenter Temperature Adhesive Sticky Thermometer. This one sticks well and it very accurate. Live in a colder climate plus we keep our house cooler. I ordered a 2nd one for my new CB Vessel. Love the thermometer strips and my PH tester. :). So easy to read and makes it so easy to monitor the temp of your brew! I'm confident it would've stayed on if I had adhered it properly. This allows you to brew anywhere in your home and control the brew’s temperature super easily. – The biggest issue with brewing kombucha at temperatures under 20 Celsius / 68 Fahrenheit is that it puts your brew at risk for mold. So glad we bought a Thermometer Strip. I totally recommend it! This temperature strip easily adheres to the side of your kombucha vessel to give an accurate temperature reading within 2 degrees F. So easy to install! It is waterproof, very simple to … Complete fraud and joke do NOT buy this product, Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2019. received very fast. Love that I can open my Kombucha cabinet and instantly see what temp I'm brewing at. Let's me know when I need to turn off heater or put some insulation between heater and vessel to cool off or vice versa. This thermometer came in my no-frills kit. Now I am much better informed about the temperature of my brew, so I know when to keep it warmer (and later, I expect I will find out when to put it in a cooler place).