Hi. What are the dimensions of your current mattress? Mattress Size Chart – Twin Single Queen King, Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress Size, Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews, Price & Buying Guide, Signature Mattress Reviews – Check Size & Types Before Buying, How To Remove Yellow Stains From The Mattress, Nectar Mattress Reviews – Check Size & Types Before Buying, Novilla Mattress Reviews With Best Feature & Construction Details, Lucid Mattress Reviews – Check Size & Types Before Buying. The Full size, however, is an excellent option for single use. A perfect option for the bachelors or the kids or even for the guest rooms. Take a tape measure and use it to measure the dimensions of the room, the length and the breadth of it. I decided to use my knowledge to help the people in choosing the right mattress for themselves. Queen size mattress often the ones we fantasize about the most is a larger bed mattress than the double bed and are the perfect option for the master bedrooms and more. Where did you find you 78X78 Mattress? The Twin may also be sold in places as 39″ wide x 75″ long, so measure your base or existing mattress to be sure before you buy. Yes, but as you can imagine there will be a 5-inch gap at one end, Is there a mattress size 43 BY 78 for antique bed. A mattress is often the precursor to how we sleep, whether we give our body a full rest or not and more. I can not find sheets I need to fit. Though you can also find a few mattresses which are extra-long and comes with a bit of extra dimension that above one. These are most preferably used by tall teenagers or adults who prefer extra length. Read along as we seek along with it. I have worked in the mattress manufacturing industry for many years, and I was leading the research and development wing of one of the most popular mattress brand in the market. You may want to upgrade your mattress. We have twin beds and the mattress is very thick. While offering more spacious sleep than a twin-size mattress, a full-size mattress is easy for young adults to move from home to first apartment. Look for sheets that are maerkd as deep pockets. One of the all-time favorites is the King size. If you have any further queries about the size chart feel free to contact us for more information. The size you mention matches that of an RV Mattress. It measures 39” X 80”, making it the same width as a standard twin with 5 more inches in length. None of these descriptions seems correct. I am old, so I grew up with straight sheets and learned to make “hospital corners” on the bottom sheet the way they do in the military. Bedroom dimensions provide a measure of the size of the mattress befitting the room. There is often quite a debate going on about the mattress size around us. The Twin XL mattress is ideal for tall individuals needing more legroom with their mattress. Measuring in at a whole 16inches wider than the Queen size, the length may be the same, but the width is certainly something worth paying the extra money for. Could you pl tell me if my mattress is 6.5 ft in height and 7.5 ft in width with a 16 in height ,what size sheet would fit . Is it a defect, or should we pick an entirely different mattress? However for clarification and further advice you could try calling Tempurpedic Customer Services on 800-821-6621. People should not be fooled by “deep pocket sheets” if it doesn’t have a height range it could be any height, I just bought I guess a European queen 57 by 77 and the height of the mattress is 13.5 inches tall..not sure what sheets to buy. It generally comes around in two variants as Eastern king bed and the California King Bed (also known by as Western King Bed). For the bed dimensions that you have provided, you will need to buy an Olympic Queen size mattress, which measure at 66 in. Required fields are marked *. If you do it right, the corners stay tight for a week. We have a Super King bed that we brought from overseas. Mattress Sizes You Need. OMG, I have a sofa bed, EXACTLY that same size that I am searching for replacement sheets for….no luck……have you had any success since this posting? Provided you have enough bedroom space, the King is a recommended choice for sharing the bed while not having to sacrifice plush, luxurious comfort. If you are in a relationship, this may not be the best choice for you, as the fit will be exceedingly tight.