3.2. Promotion Policy Compliance is a team effort at Microsoft. Personal Property, 7. Accordingly, this allows the business at large to operate more smoothly and efficiently. Get special offers into your inbox every week! Salary Increases Again, if there are any problems, just let me know. You should contact your own tax or financial professional to discuss your situation. 10.7. 7.12. After you buy the order, you’ll get an email with a link to download the templates. General Pay Information To unzip the files, right click on it, then select Extract, and save it to your computer. NB: Let me know if you need any help with this. The employees are legally obliged to hand it over back to the employer when they decide to leave the company. Paternity Leave Policy When you report a concern or issue, you can expect that your report will be treated seriously, fairly, and promptly. Business Insights and Ideas does not constitute professional tax or financial advice. Payroll Sick Leave Policy Prohibited Internet Usage Policy Generally, employees don't negotiate anything contained within the Employee Handbook. If you are not satisfy, tell us. He reports directly to the CEO and, for this purpose, also directly to the Audit Committee of Microsoft’s Board of Directors. There are no security settings on any of the files. Health and Safety Medical Policy 11.2. Once completed, the file can be printed and distributed to employees. 1.1. IT Policies All in all, the employee handbook allows the employer to establish a relationship of transparency and trust with an employee. How do I Pay with my Credit Card (Instead of PayPal). During her stint as a scribe, she's been featured by MileIQ, Trulia, and other leading digital properties. Who do I contact? 8.9. Coauthor a new employee handbook. 5.1. This has a link to a Download Page from where you can save the templates. Timekeeping / Payroll Harassment Policy 2.24. Read How to Pay with Your Credit Card (Instead of PayPal) here. It’s the Office you know, plus the tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done—anytime, anywhere. All you need is to click on download button and file will moved to your desire folder without any delay. 3.1. Safety We have high ethical standards governing the way we conduct our business, standards that we also apply to our suppliers and business partners. 1.2. Bonus Compensation Use @mentions to let managers know you need their approval is needed on sections of the handbook to keep the project on time. Please email ivan at klariti.com or info at klariti.com or ivanawalsh at gmail.com. Expenses Policy, 5. Unions Company Property You can change the color scheme by updating the styles. If you open a zip file during the download, it may display an error message that the file is corrupt. Background Checks Employment Categories 2.5. Transfers & Relocation The overarching goal of an employee handbook is to maintain a safe and productive working environment for both the employer and employee. Company Training Policy Adding Comments 10.4. Just as a society can’t enforce laws if it doesn’t have any on the books, a small business without an employee handbook will have difficulty upholding a set of norms and values. You can use @mentions to ask internal experts for their input. 2.19. 2.31. 4.16. Use chat to ask questions and instantly get feedback. 2.13. 11.5. Time Records If this occurs, click File, Save As and save the files. Raising a concern about potential misconduct in good faith, or for cooperating with an investigation. Any employee who engages in retaliation against someone for raising a compliance concern is likewise subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. You need an easy way to include everyone needed to create and approve the handbook and make it easily accessible to all new employees. Time Clock and Time Cards 4.2. When the handbook is finalized, share it to your company’s SharePoint site to give everyone access. Conduct Standards & Discipline Since the employee handbook template contains information regarding the company, the employees are bound to keep the information to themselves. 7.4. Empower your team to be productive every day, from virtually anywhere, with Microsoft 365. The company also generally lets employees know about important information like benefits and time off. To illustrate, weather-related business closure policies, holidays, appropriate dress code and company contact information. We are providing a download button underneath the image of this template for quick download. This template contains a title page, copyright page, table of contents, chapter pages, and an index. 3.6. Be detailed as possible about compensation and benefit plans, including retirement plans, stock plans, insurance and PTO. This handbook works as a guideline to inform the employee about the basic rules and policies related to the company. It’s prudent to have the whole employee handbook looked over by a lawyer. And provide him with steps for recourse if his rights are violated. Download the Standards of Business Conduct, European Union arbitration and dispute resolution, See some of our other awards and recognition here. You need an easy way to include everyone needed to create and approve the handbook … We continually evolve our programs to meet these goals. Introductory (Probationary) Period Share the final handbook with the company and easily update as needed. Employment at Will, 6. Americans with Disabilities Act 4.10. To prevent compliance issues from arising in the first place, we focus on promoting a culture of ethics and integrity. Even the topics are organized clearly and effectively, making it easy for managers, supervisors, workers or any other member of the organization to look for and locate the topic you wish to know or read about. 2.26. 2.33. Getting Started: Depending on your MS Office settings, the files may say Read Only when you open them. At Will Employment By all means, continue reading to learn what an employee handbook is and what goes into an effective one. Progressive Discipline 2.34. 1.7. What this means is that not all of the file have downloaded and therefore the system thinks its contents are corrupt. Employee Benefit Programs 5.9. How to add your logo to the header 9.7. As we’re in Europe, there may be a time difference when getting back to you. If certain benefits are dependent on seniority, it’s helpful to include a table indicating the relevant benefits for each level of seniority. 1.8. Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination 2.28. 5.6. Refusing to do something that violates the Microsoft Standards of Business Conduct, policies, or the law, even if this refusal results in the loss of business to Microsoft. Adding Notes 10.6. Criminal Records Check Complaint Procedure and Investigation 9.5. Vacation Work Breaks 9.3. Creating a new employee handbook requires working with people in multiple departments to get input and approval, which can be difficult when people often work in different offices and time zones. Equal Opportunity Policy Email Policy Americans with Disabilities Act 2.15. In an Employee Handbook, the company informs employees about the standards that are expected of them. Continuation of Medical/COBRA Training 4.5. Personnel Records 6.5. Note: You do NOT need a PayPal account to place an order. We discipline employees who violate our policies and standards, regardless of their level, and we stop doing business with partners and suppliers who don’t meet our ethical standards.