Palm oil is of strategic importance as it is used in the production of more than half of the products sold in supermarkets globally. Starting an agricultural export business in Nigeria with an initial focus on Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) is a way to not just only get into the industry, but a great start to building a long-term business that could someday employ thousands of people directly and indirectly. Setting up a highly motivated sales team that will drive sales volume by at least 20% yearly. It is available in bulk in various parts of Ondo State.It is also available in Edo State but the king of original, high quality palm oil is Ebonyi State.Travel round the states and source from the various local markets and local palm oil processors. In a renewed effort to make Africa’s biggest economy regains its dominance in the palm oil sector, the central bank in line with the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s policy on agriculture, launched a series of intervention schemes which include the Anchor Borrowers Programme aimed at promoting investment in oil palm plantation and enhanced palm oil production in the country. Makes you feel like you shouldn’t have eaten all those kernel you were cracking. Competitive prices on all products and services. He explained that Friend of the Earth promotes a model of sustainable breeding based on respect for animals and nature with the aim of increasing over time the level of symbiosis with the environment and the territory. The organic waste matter that is produced when processing oil palm, including oil palm shells and oil palm fruit bunches, can also be used to produce energy. Palm oil and palm kernel oil were jointly the largest contributors, accounting for 48 million tonnes, or 30% of the total output. Paolo Bray, Director of W.S.O/Friend of the Earth, emphasizes on the need for Nigeria to take advantage of the booming palm oil market and increase its production in line with global standard and Friend of the Earth certification policy. Moreover, there is need for the development and execution of a comprehensive palm oil policy that will drive the growth and development of the sector going forward. This oil type is made from nuts of a particular kind of African oil palm. Use of palm oil as biodiesel generates three times the carbon emissions as using fossil fuel, for example, “biodiesel made from Indonesian palm oil makes the global carbon problem worse, not better, ” experts said. Between 1962 and 1982 global exports of palm oil increased from around half a million to 2.4 million tonnes annually and in 2008 world production of palm oil and palm kernel oil amounted to 48 million tonnes. Major palm oil players in the sector have called on the Nigerian government to provide more financial, technological support and other assistance to their members who have invested billions of U.S. dollar into the industry to enable them meet the high demand for the Nigerian palm oil from both local and international. You can start this business in Nigeria … A Nigerian newspaper and Online version of the Vanguard, a daily publication in Nigeria covering Nigeria news, Niger delta, general national news, politics, business, energy, sports, entertainment, fashion,lifestyle human interest stories, etc. It is 80% composed of saturated fatty acids, and the remaining 20% is unsaturated fatty acids. Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million people, is the largest consumer of palm oil in Africa. Competent and skilled hands to man our equipment. Significant amounts of palm oil exports to Europe are converted to biodiesel (as of early 2018: Indonesia: 40%, Malaysia 30%). Palm oil biodiesel is often blended with other fuels to create palm oil biodiesel blends. Palm oil has numerous usage globally which include: Edible Oil, Bio-Diesel, Lubricants, Cosmetics, and other applications – household Cooking, Food & Beverages, Oleo Chemicals, Personal Care, Animal Feed, Bio-fuel. Quality unique packaging that will set us apart from the competition. Also, palm oil that has been used to fry foods can be converted into methyl esters for biodiesel.