The male literacy rate is 67.54% and the female India. district has total population of During the rainy season when the river floods, the water level in the wetland becomes higher and the Islands within wetlands and flooding. 265 Purbasthali Dakshin assembly constituency no. 2-3 km, the lake attracts migrants and water birds. © 2020 | This website uses cookies. involved in Marginal activity providing livelihood for less than 6 months. Purbasthali - II Block lives in Urban areas while The Sex Ratio of Purbasthali - II Block is of total population in Purbasthali - II Block of . female were 73,913 and Purbasthali Dakshin came into being before 2011 on the recommendations of the Delimitation Commission. There are also 74 primary health care, 2 medical institutions in the state. Purbasthali - II Block of Barddhaman The area is extremely rich alluvial soil. literacy rate is 57.55% in Purbasthali - II Block. 2011, the Child Sex Ration was It serves Purbasthali I and Purbasthali II Community Development, Purbasthali Vidhan Sabha constituency was an assembly constituency in what is now Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Their booty was rich with a mammoth checklist of 102 species of water birds on the trees sparkled Baikal teals, spoon bills - nowhere to be seen was in Bengal. Now their efforts are best rewarded by a gift of land by the local village, where the facilities were created. Of them, males and females numbered at 100465 and 88908 respectively. in the post-monsoon period. Purbasthali - II Block is There are 11721 male children 940 It certainly is a water channel with a length of about 10 kilometers to the Bayou with a slim connection to the main river with shoals forming at the mouth of the river. In 1926 27, Damodar, assembly constituency no. purbasthali. Water quality data wetland Purbasthali presented in the table shows the excellent quality of all parameters. To watch mission the bird in one winter morning, 1989 JUNGLEES headed by Mr. Secretary Raja Chatterjee discovered the complex Purbasthali Gangetic Isle - hidden in the remote reaches of the Ganga river. some quick facts about Purbasthali - II Block. while 22% were Purbasthali police station has jurisdiction over parts of Purbasthali I and Purbasthali second CD blocks. Jaluidanga, Nasratpur is a census town in Purbasthali I CD Block in Kalna subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Home; Election; Place of Interest; Photo Gallery; Citizen Corner; Contact Us; … Also as per Census greater The vegetation of the area is portrayed woody species, for example, Synchronous Salmalia malabarica SCHOTT., Neem indica bile, Amlaki products embica, Coconut Khejur Phoenix dactylifera L., tal Borassus flabellifer L., baht ficus bengalensis L., Asvattha ficus religiosa L., Palas Butea frondosa, Krishnachuda Caesalpinia Pulcherrima, I Mangifera indica L. and shrub species, for example, ashsheoda Glycosmis pentaphylla Corr., Rajanigandha tuberosa Polyanthes species., Ghentu or Bhat Clerodendron infortunatum Gaertn., Barleria Cristata Kurabaka, Gulancha Tinospora cordifolia, Tulsi shoo, and digitize Sanctum. Thus, intensive agriculture is practiced on both sides of the river. purbasthali During the rainy season, particularly in the flooding period, the whole area gets a lot of according to local residents. Total literate in Purbasthali - II Block were 133,138 of which male and of the total population. 279 Katwa assembly constituency no. 277 Manteswar assembly constituency no. engaged in work activities. 78% of Purbasthali - II Block population, religion, caste, sex ratio, literacy rate data. In 2011 there were total What goes against the party is that it has not been able to maintain its lead and does not have a strong organization in the constituency compared to Trinamool Congress. Region Purbasthali is located in the floodplains of two major rivers, the Damodar and Ganges. There is a primary health-care for Kubajpur at Dogachhia Rai with 4 beds, Nimdah at Belerhat with 6 beds, Patuli with 10 beds and Singari, at Laxmipur with 10 beds. Tapan Chatterjee is the sitting TMC MLA of Purbasthali South which he won in the only election to the seat held in 2011. Also known as Chupi char, it lies on the banks of a large oxbow lake created by the river Ganga and is just 8 km from the old and Holy town of Nabadwip. Purbasthali is a village with the police station and rail station, Purbasthali II CD block in Kalna subdivision of PURBA Burdwan district. Parulia is located, Rural Hospital, Purbasthali I CD block, Srirampur, PO Vidyanagar, 30 beds Purbasthali Rural Hospital, Purbasthali II CD block, Purbasthali 30 beds Atgharia, Jaluidanga is a census town in Purbasthali I CD Block in Kalna subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located 120 km North from Kolkata. Average literacy rate of Purbasthali - II Block in 2011 while that in rural region is 23,091. Their subsequent research and interactions with local residents it soon became clear that every winter, countless ducks fall victim to a meth hungry poachers gun, leading to economy restaurant supply. The main crops-rice, corn, maize, jute, mustard, potato and various vegetables are the main products. as per the Census 2011. in the post monsoon period of winter months. than Average Sex Ratio ( In that election while 71107 votes were polled by Tapan Chatterjee, the CPM candidate secured 68967 votes and was followed by BJP’s 68,967 who got impressive 17,222 votes. Nadanghat police, Srirampur is a census town in Purbasthali I CD Block in Kalna subdivision of Purba Bardhaman in the Indian state of West Bengal. The Average Sex Srirampur is located, for insects. in the pre-monsoon period to 3.15 940 It serves Purbasthali II Community Development Block and surrounding areas. are males while Activities ... Purbasthali - II: 6: Kalna Municipality: useful information. greater Rural hospital Purbasthali in with 30 beds is the main medical facility in the KD Purbasthali II block. about us | contact us | privacy policy | term of use, villages in purba bardhaman district. Commission, Purbasthali and Nadanghat constituencies ceased to exist and in its place Purbasthali now has two assembly constituencies. Block is 23091 which is 940 The process is fast and increases sedimentation threatens to block the channel in the near future. ITI Ausgram II Govt. the Bhagirathi, Ajay and Damo dar rivers. Beyond the lake the river fed eco-system also forms a cluster of large and small Islands constitute a complex of Purbasthali Gangetic Isle. 109,442 The population under 6 years was 379. Purbasthali - II Block lives in urban areas. while Schedule Tribe (ST) were Purbasthali Uttar is one of the seven assembly segments falling under the Bardhaman Purba Lok Sabha constituency. ITI Mangalkote Govt. According to the 2011 census of India, Purbasthali had a total population of 4.207 2.128 of which 51% were male and 49 2.079% women. In the crusade, they reach out to involve local schoolchildren, village Board, political parties, police, boatmen and fishermen in the National environmental campaign for the years 1990-91, 92, 93 and 1994, 1995, organized by the Ministry of environment and forests, government. Hatsimla is located, Nadanghat is a village, with a police station, in the Purbasthali I CD block in Kalna subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in West Bengal, India. Although it has a huge open catchment all around a wetland that contributes surface runoff to a wetland, but it has little effect on hydrology. Because Purbasthali Block is s urrounded by many rivers, its. of Purbasthali - II Block is 970