Ami Dang used an SM7 to record both her voice and her sitar on her Meditations Mixtape, Vol. RØDE Microphones is synonymous with professional quality and durability… I personally own a number of RØDE products and they’re used quite regularly. Small-diaphragm condensers offer a more transparent recording of the sounds as they exist in the room, without adding much coloring of their own, and are often used to record acoustic instruments and cymbals. Condenser mics, and other high-end categories like ribbon and tube mics, “get expensive very quickly,” Schlett says. Rode NTG5 Kit. How do I stop this? This and the unique 360-degree swing mount means you can position the mic upright, on an angle, sideways or upside down – wherever it needs to be to get the best recording possible. Placid Audio Copperphone ($275): Polyphonic Spree bassist Mark Pirro founded Placid Audio for the purpose of developing mics with “distinctive sonic character,” which is putting it mildly. And if you find difficulty replicating the sounds of a professional studio with the gear you have at hand, that’s OK. In a world where audio is most often needed immediately, having tools that are ready "now" is key. 45 € 59,90 € 29 . Rode Video­Micro Review - Indoor and Out­door Demo, Plug & Play - sans batterie (tension d'alimentation requise: 3 V - 18 V fournie par l'appareil photo), Boîtier en métal plein (aluminium) avec revêtement en céramique résistant aux rayures, Câble de raccordement avec fiche mini-jack 3,5 mm TRS (double mono), Lyre Rycote, câbles de connexion SC2 et bonnette WS9 deluxe inclus, Garantie 30 jours satisfait ou remboursé, Le plus grand magasin de musique en ligne d'Europe, Meilleures ventes Microphones pour Caméras, Rode Microphones pour Caméras en un clin d'oeil, Aller à la catégorie Microphones pour Caméras, Classement des ventes dans cette catégorie. This signal is accompanied by the output from your computer, so you can still hear the output (for example, your backing track if you are singing, or your game sound if you're streaming), but allows a more natural and comfortable listening experience (which results in a better performance). © 2020 RØDE Microphones. Rode VideoMic Me. The knob on the NT-USB Mini is an output control for your headphone levels. ), Shure SM57 and SM58 ($89): SM57, are the Toyota Camrys of the microphone world. For PC, it will be in ‘Recording Devices’ > click on “NT-USB Mini” > ‘Properties’ > ‘Levels’. J'ai enregistré un concert, en plein air avec ce petit bijoux, ainsi que pas mal de feux d'artifice (autant dire, des événements avec une ambiance sonore très forte et violente). Un client supplémentaire a écrit un texte dans une autre langue ou n’en a pas rédigé . En plus du magasin, vous pouvez découvrir beaucoup de choses supplémentaires. The NT-USB Mini has been designed to be as flexible as you need to be. New products, competitions, special offers and more in your inbox once a month. RODE NT2-A - Behind The Scenes // The Live Ses­sions. Class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers or tablets, no drivers or software needed – just plug in and hit record. Large-diaphragm condensers add a bit more color and warmth, and are a frequent choice for recording vocals. 244 € 319,50 € 124 . But with a USB mic, you don’t have that flexibility.” Stil he says, “The USB mic is good for doing podcasts, or if you just want to livestream some acoustic guitar, or piano, or singing.”. Familiarizing yourself with the available tools will serve you in all of your sessions down the road, whether you’re making demos alone in your bedroom or tracking at a professional studio. This is achieved by sending the output of the microphone directly to the headphones in real-time, bypassing the computer. It isn’t limited to vocals, either. Directional cardioid polar pattern, optimised to reduce room sound and focus on the subject, be it dialogue, vocals or instruments. En tant qu'entreprise, une seule chose est importante pour nous: Vous en tant que client. Though it’s known primarily as a vocal mic, it can also be used on a variety of instruments. The PSA1 is a studio boom arm for radio, broadcast, studio and home use. I don't know but in some cases the recording sounds better than the instruments in the studio! sE8s are consistently well reviewed, and at a lower price point than many of their competitors. A simple, perfect balance of low end warmth and smooth, articulate top end. It’s designed and marketed as a broadcast microphone, and used by DJs at plenty of radio stations, making it an ideal choice if you’re recording a podcast or any other spoken voiceover. - Reg Barlow. Thomann est le plus grand revendeur en ligne d'instruments de musique, d'équipement d'éclairage et de sonorisation au monde, avec près de 10 millions de clients dans 120 pays et 80.000 produits référencés. Baltimore sitarist, vocalist, and electronic musician Ami Dang recently planned an expansion of her home-recording setup, only to be set back financially by the outbreak of COVID-19. Will the NT-USB Mini work with high-impedance headphones? Steel and reinforced nylon resin construction, stylish matte black finish and compact, modern design. The best live recording I feel I have ever captured! The NT-USB Mini is a condenser microphone, which means it is quite sensitive and capable of cleanly picking up audio further from the microphone. I just wanted to hail your company for offering a 10 year warranty on your products. “Picking microphones, preamps, and other outboard gear can be a similar artistic choice. Steve Albini, the legendary audio engineer behind albums like Pixies’ Surfer Rosa and PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me, lists it among his favorite mics, and uses it for all three of the above applications. While making Mediations Mixtape, Vol. Je recommande plus que largement ! “I’ve collected this stuff for so long, and early on, I purchased the wrong shit so many times,” he says. They’re more like, let me throw up this crazy-sounding mic, and it just sounds cool right away.”. To me, the RØDE Classic II is the modern version of the great old tube mics we all love. The rough-and-ready qualities of dynamic mics make them the near-universal choice for live sound, but they have plenty of other uses for recording. AKG D112 MK-II (from $150): The D112, and similar mics like Shure’s Beta 52 ($189), don’t have the same versatility as the above options. To prevent this, mute the output of your vocal track in your software when you are recording the vocal. Otherwise, they’re pretty much identical.