Everything turns on and I can see the temperature which is stuck at 18 Celsius. We defrosted it then the noise started. This guide will also Do you have any suggestions? Twin cool fan works, the fan by the compressor works, I can hear the compressor come on, no frost build up or clogged drains, and no codes. I watched the video on how to remove the back panel, but I have a water dispenser in the door and the bottom shelf does not seem to be easily removable. I have the samsung french door fridge model RF28HFEDBSR and just recently moved it. I have changed the temp sensor inside the fridge. What about the freezer compartment, evaporator fan is working? Samsung fridges “notorious” to have problems starts with Twin Cooling Plus technology, evaporator fan failure and ended up compressor failure. To test I poured warm water down the drain hole below the evaporator fan, and it came out one tube (the ice maker side) but not the other. I had breakfast and took a few things out, and put them back in, and right as I put away the last bit of food, the light went out. Hi Mike, just wondering how you are measuring temperature? See our Privacy Policy here. In this case, you need this Drain Repair Kit above and here is the video below what you need to do. We have a RS62R50011L samsung ref, and it’s not cooling so we tried plugging it out and plugging back in. Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart. My teenage son after helping me with removing the ice twice told me that the flap that is between the doors in the fridge part was not closing the gap when we closed the door. freezer isn’t cooling. Hi I have a Samsung RL28FBSI1/XFA fridge that does not want to cool even after I replaced the compressor. Email. The panel says -2 (or whatever it is set for) but the actual temperature is much warmer. if compressor is not running, maybe start relay failed. Please share your ZIP Code to find a nearby Best Buy location. Now it won’t cool the fridge part, the freezer is working fine. Browse answers, ask questions and get solutions from other Samsung customers. I think you read an article above. Also, you can try applying some oil to the bearing. Controller still showing 77F. This fix usually lasts me a couple of weeks. Did you hear any click coming from behind the fridge? I set my dryer to high, and then pointed it at my hand, adjusting the distance so that the air was just a little too hot for me to tolerate. If you have a french-door refrigerator, close the left door and put an ordinary magnet on the right side of the fridge to simulate the right door closing. So we bought a new control panel and installed it. I guess I will check the inside where the Twin Cooling Plus is located to see if it is frozen inside, but I’m not sure how to reset the whole refrigerator? I have a Samsung refrigerator model RB1855SL. Please suggest the next troubleshooting method. I put it to a service center and they charged me around 150 dollars for vaccuming and putting freons as they claimed. Also a lot of water collects under the middle drawer and freezes…not sure if this issue is related to the noise and fan. We replaced the entire unit and put this one in the garage. I forgot to tell you it displayed 84c . I have run three « rd » for removing fan noise. Please help us improve by selecting a reason below. You need to use magnet to simulate closed door. Hard to say what exactly happened with you fridge. Samsung sent out a tech to replace a few parts and the noise went away but was months later it came back. It probably increases energy usage a bit. HELP! The condenser fan motor is usually located underneath the refrigerator near the back. Its one of the problem. Top Reasons Why Washing Machine Keeps Adding Time. What kind of sound is that? Power cycle the refrigerator and the temperature now reads 55 degrees, compressor comes back on after 5 minutes, cools it down again and never restarts. Only a fridge compartment or freezer as well not cooling? I have unplugged the fridge for 9 hours then plugged back. The fridge is 10 deg higher than the temperature reads when I press the control panel. I have a glass of water inside and I use a digital thermometer. But internal temps for the two were +11 and +15. if not, then turn the power off or unplug it, remove back panel on the left side where control board is. Hi got n samsung 2 door bottem freezer …it works but when you switch it on it works till the temp is ok and then it switches of, does not switch on again ?. I have a samsung srl322mw bottom loader fridge. UNIT WORKED PERFECTLY TILL OCTOBER 21st. Noticed that fridge is not cool enough even though the panel says 2 degrees celsius. My temperature was blinking and I unplugged and wouldn’t go down. I have an RF28HMEDBSR/AA Twin cooling panel freezing up fridge not cooling. I put panel back on. My Samsung Twin Cooling RB195ACBP fridge was in storage for 3 months and was working perfectly fine for 2 years before this. I have a samsung fridge model number RF30HBEDBSR. I then tried to move the fan manually and it felt stuck and wouldn’t turn freely. The freezer cools properly but the fridge doesn’t cool. this happened Oct 10th. If your fridge is making a noise that stops once the fridge door is opened, there are a couple of things to check before organising a service request. After doing a lot of research on the Internet, I figured out that the evaporator fan, which circulates cool air inside the refrigerator, was probably the culprit. I pulled my evaporator cover and just a light frost on the coils and no ice on the fans. In case of 1 above, I guess you toss the refrigerator? During the move it was unplugged for 2 days and now I’ve got it plugged back in and it no longer is cooling the inside of the fridge. live support 24/7*. He was certain this was the problem. I put one on the back of the bottom shelf and one on the front of the top shelf. Installed larger aluminum part I found on Amazon to better keep drain hole clear. Is it ever a Freon leak issue for not cooling? It’s worth a shot before I drop 2k on another refrigerator. Now the refrigerator does not cool to the set point and stay at 50 F? First, check out the evaporator fan blade in the freezer behind the back panel. Thanks in advance. there are no fault codes showing . Did a forced defrost and now just waiting to see progress. No ice was found on aluminum fins. And how to stop it? Clean it. I have a Samsung french door Model RS2555SL. will try all that you posted. Which do you think it is? 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