The soups are delicious and are available for such a limited time that their customers flock to the restaurant multiple times a week to eat and order the soup by the pint or quart for take-out. This is a great way to reward your most loyal customers, allowing them to take advantage of the great sales before everyone else, thus giving them a limited amount of time to get the best sales before anyone else. Example: Listen on Google Podcast Davis Lawn Mower Service: Offering 20% off on mower repair or service if you bring your mower in before February 28. If you are not sure how well this tactic works turn to HSN and check out the quantity sold of a TSV. Subscribe and get access to our weekly email featuring our newest blog post and exclusive content. Do you have products that are limited in quantity, limited edition or have a special price good only for a certain time frame? During the winter months Magnolia Restaurant adds hearty soups to their menu that have become customer favorites. Growth Hacking 101: Simple Strategies to Quickly Scale Your Business, 5 Critical Places to Add Website Testimonials for Increased Conversions, Not Putting the Reader First (And Eight Other Mistakes You’re Making with your Emails), The Seven Questions You Need to Ask Before You Send that Marketing Email, The Eight WordPress Marketing Hacks (That Our Developers Can Help You Implement), Eight Common Mistakes That Make Your CRM Less Effective, Should You Use Cloudflare? Terms We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Chanel has email campaigns as well as offers on their website that introduce and sell their Limited Editions. For 24 hours QVC and HSN offer a product at a special price. This is a great way to get shoppers to shop at times your store is generally less busy than others. The price and supply are limited. 3. I know I have purchased many items because they were presented to me as limited quantity, limited edition or featured price for a limited time. Entrepreneur, marketer and social psychologist - I help you make the most of your business with marketing, online and offline. 7 Irresistible Marketing Examples that Use Scarcity to Sell Using scarcity to sell your products is a great way to get your customers to buy from you sooner rather than later. Magnolia Restaurant: Offers seasonal favorites only available during certain months of the year. 5. 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If you have questions or comments on how to employ scarcity marketing contact us or email Michael Miller at Chanel: Each season; Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Chanel offers Limited Edition $27.00 per bottle Nail Colour. Subscribe to download our free PDF, packed with 500 curated niches to help you get started in ecommerce. Listen on Spotify, Privacy You'll receive one email per week. Macys: Macys seems to continually have great deals however they offer door busters at different times throughout the year to get you in and give you an additional percent off a sale item. Check the number sold at HSN click the red “Today’s Special” button at the top right of the page to see the product and number sold. Get access to exclusive content and deals. Multichannel Retailing for Ecommerce: Does Your Business Depend on Amazon? Limited Availability. These labels directly overlay on product images to create a sense of scarcity or urgency. 1. LISTEN to the Mindwhirl Marketing … [Read More...], What we started last week when we talked … [Read More...], Listen on Apple Podcasts The issue with the over saturation of email marketing, is that inbox’s are now pretty overloaded. FREE. Did any of these examples give you ideas on how to use scarcity in your marketing? Here are some marketing examples I found so irresistible I had to make the purchase. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Product badges are one great way to do this. Davis runs this special because during this time of year his shop is slow, no one is thinking about mowing. The limited edition color for each season is removed from the line when supplies run out or the season ends. For example… QVC and HSN: Today’s Special Value – otherwise known as the TSV. Travel websites frequently use scarcity marketing … 2. Whether it’s seats or number of consecutive calls you can take, letting your customer know there is only a limited number available creates a sense of urgency in the sale. Have you ever thought about using scarcity to sell your products? You get 20% off if you to come in now. To help you better understand how you can implement the scarcity principle into your marketing, here are three real-world examples you can pull from.