Thai Vegetable GyozaHonestly, the name of this dish makes me laugh because gyozas are Japanese. I pan-fried these bad boys, which is essential because it actually creates some textural elements with the crunchy dumpling skin because the rest of this gyoza is a soggy, mushy mess. In a bag! Are they a super traditional representation of Thai cuisine? The one gripe I have is that the bag is pretty small, and only had about seven pieces of shrimp for a four-person serving. I pan-fried mine and ate it with rice but it didn’t leave me desiring more. Has tofu and crushed cashews. I pan-fried mine in a little bit of oil and five minutes later, I had a hot, oozing egg roll stuffed with creamy sticky rice and juicy chunks of mango.They aren't traditional, but I would make these a staple in my freezer. So I decided to put them all to the test to see whether they flop or whether Trader Joe's managed to nail Thai food, too. unexpected cheddar and cookie butter variations. If you want to indulge in vegan Pad Thai, and a trip to Thailand is out of the question, we recommend Amy’s Pad Thai instead. Trader Joe's has lots of frozen options that make it easy to eat vegetarian, but IMO these well-seasoned, Thai-inspired burgers are one of the absolute best. Is there something wrong with me? Everything was a bit mushy and the meal lacked texture, but overall I’d say it’s a pretty good take on a yellow curry and I would probably eat this again if I was trying to go meatless. Do not overcook, as they will become very soggy; they cook fast so keep an eye on them! ( Log Out /  The noodles looked a little bit dry, the beansprouts and chives very wilted (they’re underneath the noodles), but overall it was good. I also thought the curry sauce was a bit too sweet and the fact that the lemongrass and galangal were abandoned in the curry sauce (they aren’t intended for eating, merely for flavoring the curry) left an unpleasant chewing experience. ( Log Out /  by admin August 29, 2012 February 2, 2017. Vegetable Pad ThaiThe vegetable pad Thai says it is a product of Thailand -- and I believe it (to an extent). In addition to the fact that these chewy, yet creamy, mochis are an indulgent treat that also happen to be vegan. The pros: Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai is quick, easy, tasty pad thai that is ready in the microwave in about 4 minutes. Peeling back the plastic film that covers Trader Joe’s version means subjecting yourself to a steam cloud of garlic, red Thai chilis, and basil -- and it’s wholly welcomed. The best method to prepare these is the pan-fried way so there’s at least some texture to your food, but if I’m really craving dumplings, I’ll turn to my tried-and-true Mama Ling’s from Costco. Organic Jasmine RiceIt’s hard to go wrong with plain, jasmine rice. This recipe will serve about 4 people. bean sprouts, water, rice noodles (rice, water), chives, palm oil, shallots, tofu (soybeans, salt), sugar, chili sauce (water, chili, garlic, sugar, vinegar, salt), tamarind sauce (tamarind paste, water), cashews, garlic, tomato sauce (tomato, water, sugar, salt, vinegar), radish, vinegar, soy sauce (soybean, salt, wheat flour), salt, chili powder. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. This mushy patty is constructed from brown rice, black rice, carrots, soy protein, and a bunch of other ingredients I can’t pronounce. ( Log Out /  All natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It allowed me to overlook the fact that this fried rice is also loaded with peas and baby corn, which aren’t typical veggies found in a Thai fried rice. On each front TJ keeps things simple and natural. Pair this with a bag of the organic jasmine rice and you’re good to go for a simple, Wednesday night dinner. To coax any real flavor out of this, it’s necessary to submerge them in dumpling sauce. I’d pick this up for a quick meal any day of the week. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Generally, spicy Thai eggplant entrees are a sweet and savory dish filled with heat, basil, tons of garlic, and generous chunks of eggplants simmered in a dark soy sauce. I have to give extra kudos to Trader Joe’s for including makrut lime leaves, red Thai chilies, and basil in this dish, which really made the whole entree pop. I need to be clear: this bag does not serve four people. What is an egg roll stuffed with sticky rice and mangos like? Vegetable Panang CurryHonestly, this frozen, microwaveable dinner wasn’t bad (especially if I ignore the fact that eating this meal constitutes over 40% of my daily allotted intake of sodium and over 80% of my daily allotted intake of saturated fat). Did I cook this wrong? Thai Shrimp GyozaI honestly love most things that are advertised as gyoza. The coconut milk adds richness and the chewy mochi that envelop the ice cream are perfectly sticky and fun to pop into your mouth.