If you decide to buy a ¼" ruler foot from Westalee for example, you won't need the foot holder attachment. Quilting with rulers is a very 'hot' technique. @[2Ѳd������AKe� E�a����o�s�"Y��i`P��8����qٗ���]mW!���YI�*�l��u+9\���b vLWqd�I�ڱ\���^�\�4��b�~��1�rM���]�ޓU��f/%R�A��n,�Z���b�حK�d� �`iVˁ�tj���W7j�YO*�h�{yǨ\m|t�~�jH�+;o5�ƞ�j�g��5끕TӰ��d��ٽ���`�k�Z���j����Q+��;Z�^��c�Ч�1V=\�m0�=^�m���������_������}�W������������?y��U��Ͽ['��a���}t���g��n�����? I thought I would try the rulers with my Janome MC11000SE and see if I was successful. Tension. (They now have a third version of the foot available for the following machines: Pfaff 1200 Grand Quilter, Husqvarna Mega Quilter, Brother PQ1300 PQ1300 PQ1500S, Janome 1600P 1600P-DB 1600-QC, … The Ruler Work Kit is exclusive to Janome, designed and created by Leonie West of Westalee Design, for use with the Janome Ruler Work Foot. Now I must tell you a little bit of a story about this foot: We have had it for a long time....I'm thinking several years. With this foot, the needle drops a 1/4 inch away from the ruler to create the quilting line. Below are some of the common considerations for properly setting up your sewing machine to best use Westalee Design rulers and templates. Quilt with rulers on the 15000, 14000, 9400, S9, and S7. The acrylic templates ranging between 3mm and 5mm thick, are stencilled out with these unique interlocking shapes, allowing for … Introducing the new ruler foot from Janome! Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. 4.7 out of 5 stars 18. The perfect foot for sewists who work with rulers! h�bbd```b``���@$���`���D2��H���@d�+XdXd� Only 3 left in stock - order soon. f{��l��0 6�!H2��j�Ž�l+0�.��&�A��:��B ɼ��w���=� Copyright ©2020 Janome America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. %PDF-1.7 %���� The 1/4” cup height moves smoothly alongside the quilting ruler without allowing the ruler to slide over or under. Results for This ruler foot from Westalee allows you to safely use rulers with your domestic machine, even if your machine's brand doesn't have a ruler foot available. With this foot, the needle drops a 1/4 inch away from the ruler to create the quilting line. The ¼” ruler foot has a ½” diameter and a high heel at the back and is designed to accommodate the use of ¼” rulers and templates. Continuing with our JANOME OPTIONAL ACCESSORY series: THE "RULER" FOOT. Find a Stockist. The 1/4” Ruler Foot was specifically designed to use for ruler work using Janome quilting rulers. Made to complement the recently released Accessory Upgrade Kits for MC15000 and MC9400QCP with the NEW Ruler Foot; we introduce the EXCLUSIVE Janome Ruler Work Kit. I have since purchased the Westalee Rulers and the Creative Grids Rulers. Category: Accessories Tags: AU, mc15000, MC15000QM, MC9400QCP, NZ, Quilting, ruler work foot, ruler work kit. to see what works with your machine. The Westalee Foot is a true 1/2" diameter foot that is compatible with all High Shank Westalee quilting templates. With introduction of the Westalee Ruler Foot for both High and Low Shank Machines we put some important information on our web site on how to identify the shank size of your machine. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. ��ݟ�M�֥��i�C�k��+�cɟ��ʌ�j�!l�o�6c��H>3+7>7M���3�t�[me������ՒOc�s|��r��̔�eB�J0����KYû���e�@����w1=���,�S��Sz��X�{��~�Y[��x�"۶/��r��)�x���K6k����2�,coE�i��6zi�.k9m}��X�XYd�J����Fm��`��"�|[Y�(�&��S$�,�xW���m�Ǹs���7)�;�V�4撵i��)0�k�9q,S�4�`���2l�Q�6m>�\m�?�Q}]�vl����|��3L��&9��Ga��us�:�΋ �d��os!V�u��3i��-�� �º-�a�s6��E�å�3)7:��j�j�� I�s��3�K|M��1�d*S���=���m`_ŽGb���Q[㵸h��A ��������DW���x0�C$�"Uɱt�j�fy�1D�������dm��>��#(�,��ۧi:��K��ڴ��q�k +9��"�������ô�s� ��kߟgׄt���8A�ˮ%��)�I�m �m�)���~v��-�&�MU�+��ؚm�����W���}���/����7o=������2E�ێg��ɑ��n�ŭJ�J��C�ۅ�v���ti#���NK�/�O�"H@Bon����tk��s������v�'!a��w9��������n����E/FG�"_�&���E��]���).�. �G���X��5����a�9j�.��K��k�|}�82.z�=��w�9�;k`�{���1�����Zs��Yw�}�K����·1��v(Ur�껻��l��ȇ��LY����sX��s�͜��N9'�����T3��w7�͌�_{,۾�u�}c�;�߳�z�s���2�5���d$�`����{��2�Mr�ޭ>�㻴���-e}s�\š�]���^{~t=�� 0 %%EOF 50. The Westalee Ruler Foot, a true ½" round foot, opens up your creative side by enabling you to stitch with the guidance of a quilting ruler. Includes a 1/8" Ruler for straight and curved cross hatching. 183 0 obj <>stream For some models of Janome sewing machines, the foot 'QR' is the best choice. 105 0 obj <> endobj It is not so easy to stitch a freehand pattern, so Janome makes it easy for you to work with the ruler work function on the machine.