Because of my bird, I can only use natural methods. So, I put some sachets in their bins and washed my hands of the whole matter. Please give diatomaceous earth a try if you are having trouble. Pantry moths will eat just about any grain product, along with some other foods. Perhaps they will give that a try in addition to using containers that completely be sealed. BAM! I was away from home for two weeks and when I returned my kitchen was completely infested. Thoroughly mop floors and countertops. I see some that are leak proof but I am concerned about the clamps that close the lids that the moths may try to hide there and lay eggs there. The common pantry moth won’t hurt you, but there’s an ick factor to finding out your food is infested, and it can be tricky to get rid of the moths. They commonly munch on breadcrumbs, cereal, flour, nuts and whole grains, says Jeffrey Hahn, an entomologist with the University of Minnesota Extension. The only problem I have left to completely get rid of them is on my bird cage itself. More is not better in this case. I cleaned out all cupboards and sprayed with an essential oil blend. Take an extra step that will kill any eggs, larvae or moths hiding in your food: Put your grains, flour, spices and similar products in your freezer for about a week, Hahn suggests. I highly recommend it. The larvae began to hatch and we found them crawling on our ceiling. By the way, the webbed casings are not easy to take down- a vacuum cleaner won't do the trick. :-/ Just wanted to share a couple of things I hadn’t seen referenced: first, the pheromone traps are great but they only attract the males… Still good, cuz eventually no babies, but you’re right-in the meantime you still have to squish the females. Thanks you so much! One day it was 44°C/111°F and my housemate came home to find about a hundred of them on the ceiling. What is everyone’s take for an ozone treatment in my car? At this point I purchased D-FENSE SC DELTAMETHRIN with a pump sprayer. Now I know that I can just leave them out for pantry moths and turn it almost into a science experiment for Mackenzie. There is a ton of good advice within the comments, so be sure to read them all! How to keep your money safe. But I don't want them in my clothes! An adult female moth can lay approximately 400 eggs at a time, and they can hatch in around 7 days. Next their is a twin bed but removed the matress into our loft (i do not want anyone playing, or being in that room or the door open for any extra time but for me to get in their and check on chillie and to clean clean clean. I have caught and killed quite a few more moths since then. Also look for webs (as these may belong to moths, and not spiders). All of my baggies including trash bags go in bags or containers with peppermint on them. thanks for a good article. I also purchased diatomaceous earth but found out that this clogged my vacuum cleaner. Those little buggers can squeeze thru TINY cracks. I tend to stay away from mixes and like to make my own, but we had a box that was sent in a care package from the US, so I though Mack would enjoy them. Haven’t done that yet with moth infested food. At the larval stage is where they can create the most damage to your home because at this stage of the pantry moth life cycle they eat what they can. I knew clothing moths and pantry moths were different, so I just figured we were seeing stray clothes moths. You need to take everything out of your pantry, cabinets, etc and wipe it down. God bless you, be diligent and good luck. I hesitated to put my food items in the pantry hear because of them which was a eventually a great idea. They measures less than a half-inch in length, with a wingspan that approaches one inch and has grey wings. I cleaned his cage out, but he still has to eat so everything i keep on refreshing them up with new food and hay and his bedding… I am completely mortified and sickened by these little bugs. Stick to the motto: "when in doubt, throw it out!" I have noticed the more I clean with all of the recommended procedures and set traps, the more moths come. Is sooooooo disgusting, it smells like ammonia. I think they are behind the kitchen cupboards so I did seal up some of the cracks. So you might need to check if these pantry moths are actually coming from inside your house. Peppermint deters them. I dread walking in the door. I'm not going to lie, this takes a lot of work. Just as I was about to take a bite- A WORM was coming out of my cracker!!! It was truly a nightmare, but we think we finally have them beat.