Reduces item cost by 10% and gives a 10% refund on materials. Full coverage requires 3 nexus and 3 uplinks, but 5 nexus can get you 15/16. Facilities in XCOM 2 are the tactical sections you can construct in the rooms of the Avenger. At this point in the game the limiting factor on my research is materials, not time, so I don't mind the loss of the third lab. Almost every aspect of the original game is altered, creating a longer, more complex campaign that presents players with more strategic choices and customization options. Imagine that your base (the space for facilities) is divided into columns (3 - A, B and C) and rows (4 - 1, 2, 3 and 4), and then do the following: Build the Power Relay in the A1 field - additional power will quickly come in handy, and without the sufficient amount of it your development will quickly come to a halt. Also, nice layout with those 2 steam vents right next to each other. I tossed on an additional fission gen below that (3 gens in a row, with thermo in middle) which enabled the foundry, a workshop, and a second lab. Players should reserve the top right quarter for the adjacency type they want to focus on during the early game, and reserve the remaining quarter at the bottom for the other adjacency type. Removing another lab and one of the workshops will free up enough power for my final nexus to fill out the 3x2 block, while simultaneously opening a space for an elerium generator on the right side of the base. This will provide more than enough power to allow me to fit in the gollop chamber either in the space filled by my original lab or the last (still un-excavated) corner of the base. Players start with a Satellite Uplink directly left of the first Access Lift. Xenobiology > Weapons > Beam > Advanced Beam > Materials > Improved Armor > Advanced Armor > Xenoneurology. When it's time to end the campaign, tear down several buildings to provide both space and power for the Gollop Chamber: These facilities together take up 20 sections, leaving 4 for Power generators, and require a total of 138 power. You might not always be able to get both the workshop and the lab block. I plan to start a new long war in the next days and I am thinking about how to plan how I set up the base and would like to hear some advice. Filling in a bit, this is what I have now: Long-term plan I'm working towards: Salvage the upper lab and workshops Eventually, swap that upper-right Uplink for a Nexus. The XCOM organization in XCOM 2 takes a decidedly different approach to dealing with the alien menace than it does in XCOM: Enemy Within.Instead of bunkering down in an underground base, the scrappy alien fighters stay safe from gray-skinned baddies by taking to the skies in a badass mobile base … Although this means you have to spread your soldiers out to cover both points, so do the aliens. From the Resistance Ring you can begin to track down the Chosen, counter their attempts at sabotage, and lay the groundwork to rescue captured XCOM operatives. The Research Lab houses the research team, headed by Dr. Vahlen. Sat block depends on desired coverage. Covert actions can be executed from this ring -- and these actions come with many possible rewards and outcomes. The removal means I still have 17 power left over for the hyperwave relay (which takes 15). Any arrangement of 4 Elerium Generators (140 power) will supply the needed power without the need for adjacency bonuses. Eventually you'll want a 2x2, possibly a 2x3. To construct a facility (other than an Access Lift), you must have an Access Lift on the same level, and have a connection to that Access Lift through open spaces. With the top left quarter reserved for Satellite support and one of the bottom quarters reserved for Power generators, the remaining two quarters are available for Laboratories and Workshops. Obviously it depends also on where your steam ends up to be, but some tips would be appreciated. Also adjacent power facilities. My second gen was lucky enough to be thermo, and allowed an additional two uplinks, officer training, and alien containment while I dug down to level 3. Keep in mind that the static facilities require 12 power and supply 30 power. When needed, facilities can be built more quickly than normal, by selecting the option when building the facility. Also, nice layout with those 2 steam vents right next to each other. Unlocks development of new combat items and improvements to current items. A line of 3 facilities provides the adjacency bonus twice, a block of 2x2 facilities provides the adjacency bonus 4 times, and a block of 3x2 facilities provides the adjacency bonus 7 times. This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 16:29. Replace fission generators (mostly) with Elerium. Excavating a section takes 5 days, and the cost depends on the level the section is at. The XCOM Headquarters, often referred to as the "Ant Farm", due to it's side view, is separated in two sections. You want a 2x3 block for 3 uplinks and 3 nexus, 2x2 block for 2 worshops, foundry and cyberlabs and 2x2 block for 2 labs, psilab and genelab. But to make it work I needed to remove one of my labs. 1 Acquisition 2 Mission Brief 3 Mission Objectives 4 Mission Site 5 Enemy Types 6 Tactics 6.1 Capturing Sectoid Commander 7 Mission Debriefing 8 Rewards 9 XCOM: Enemy Within 10 Notes This mission becomes available after crafting the Skeleton Key from the … Alternatively, if players are reserving the bottom left quarter for Power generators, they could reserve vertical lines for their Laboratories and Workshops. Excavations cannot be performed quickly, and do not have any maintenance once completed: There are a total of 24 sections available for facilities, not counting the Access Lifts. A section that contains solid ground can be excavated, so that it becomes an open space. After that it depends on what you want next and how much resources you have. Players that want to eventually have a satellite in orbit for each council member need a total of 16 satellites. It stuck around for a couple of months but I decided to scrap it to save a bit on monthly maintenance. The last step will be to build an elerium generator in the available space. Long War is a fan-made partial conversion mod for the turn-based tactics video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within.It was first released in early 2013, and it exited beta at the end of 2015. Excavating a section on the top level costs 10 Credits. The Hangar houses the Skyranger troop transport, the soldiers that are selected for the current mission and the base's aircraft.