Then Yuma and friends enjoy the day with Lilly - playing basketball, skateboarding, and beating both Yuma and Bronk in a Duel. Yuma learned that a Duel was taking place and saw that the criminal is possessed by a "Number", he tries to get closer. [80], During the next day, Yuma was ready to leave his house while lamenting how Roku was gone when he woke up. Yuma wanted to help the mysterious, injured boy "Nash", but got into a disagreement Shark when he told Yuma not to trust others so easily. On a plane, Yuma found out that his father King's Coins contained Astralite and would the key to open the gate through different dimensions. Using the power of ZEXAL, Yuma and Astral then performed a Chaos Xyz Evolution and Summoned "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and equipped it with "ZW - Lightning Blade".When they attacked with "Utopia Ray, the effect of "Heraldry Crest" negated the attack, but Yuma survived with the effect of "Lightning Blade". [43], Trey uses the Trap Card "Final Prophecy" to protect "Atlandis", but doesn't realize that the card opens a portal to Barian World. His grandmother was unhappy by this and caught the collar of his shirt with her broom and lifted him off the ground. [144] Yuma eventually obtained all the remaining "Number" cards by defeating Nash in their final rematch, plus another form of "Utopia" called "Number 39: Utopia Beyond". Yuma Summoned "Lion Heart" to the field, causing it resonated with Alito's cards and letting him see his memories. Every boy has a dream. They both pretended to be evil for an episode, albeit for different reasons. Pouncing Punch! [35], Yuma on the Duel Coaster with Tori and Astral, On the morning of the Finals, Yuma sleept outside the stadium, so as not to be late again. Yuma after overlaying with Astral during their Duel with Kite. Yuma admits he's enjoying facing his own ace card. [107] As his angry grows, Yuma's eagerness to win and save Ray caused to Duel recklessly, even refusing to listen to Astral's warnings. Flip told him to keep it and the two leave the Duel as friends. However, he manages to get away as Lilly causes distraction. Also, if Yuma and Astral believe in their possibilities, they gain the power to Chaos Xyz Evolution "Utopia" into "Number C39: Utopia Ray". As Dumon was in human form, Yuma and the others did not recognize him; regardless, Yuma saved his life by protecting him from a large bear. In the school library, Yuma and Tori goes on on the computer and find information, the article calls Shark the "tarnished champion candidate". Yuma agreed to be Ray's "subordinate" and excitedly jumped into the air, nearly falling of his roof as a result. Upon arriving in an mountain range, Yuma went with Shark and Kite to climb a mountain to reach the ruins. [22] In his house, Yuma sleeps in the treasury attic full with memories and artifacts of his parents' adventures and trips instead of his own bedroom. Despite Tori's complaints, Yuma heads to the Museum and is in time to stop Shark, Scorch, and Chills from robbing the Museum and challenges them to a Duel if they win they can have "Utopia". Yuma/Astral is available in the game start from 29 September 2020. Trying to hide his sadness, he quickly brought the subject of Mr. Heartland's underlings and explained to Trey that Kite and Shark were difficult to contact, so they couldn't warn them of the new threats. However, a strange entity appeared next to him and told him to stand up and win. Afterwards, Summer told Yuma how Taiki lost at a gymnastics competition, so he does not take part in them anymore. Astral told Yuma that he can't trust him, but Yuma was happy Astral was giving him a second chance and touched his palm. After Cathy challenged the dog to a Duel, Yuma watches anxiously since his Heart Pieces are on the line. As Shark made his final attack, Yuma was about to give up, but still wished to keep Dueling with Astral, which brought him to his side. Once their Duel got started, Fortuno Summoned "Number 16: Shock Master" and the two were against the wall. For 1 Overlay Unit, Blackship of Corn can use it's effect! Bronk asks Tori which of her parents is coming, then noticing Yuma is listening, and apologizes because his parents are absent. Although Yuma was dumbstruck by the situation, he agreed to Duel the tanuki to get the "Number" and Girag's body back. During the party, Yuma noticed Kite talking to Quinton and tried to reach them, but to no avail and then tried looking for Shark. It will be here tomorrow!! [41] When Tori was about to be run over by a truck, Yuma pushed Tori out of the way, placing himself in her position, which if Kite Tenjo didn't pause the time, would have resulted in Yuma being critically injured or causing his death. They first met when Ray crashed into Yuma on the way to his first day school, which annoyed Yuma upon the first impression. As a couple of the Litterbots went rampant in order to pick up what they perceived as litter, Yuma, insulted, screamed at them that what they were calling "trash" was his Deck. When Shark Summoned "Number 32: Shark Drake", Yuma worried about him due to the "Number"'s influence, and cried out to Shark as he was brutally attacked eight times by Quattro. Confused, he asked to Astral to tell him what to do, but Astral said that Yuma shouldn't act like a child and must figure it on his own. Vetrix appeared to use his crest to destroy the ledge, but he proceed to then transport the group back outside Heartland. followed by "By switching to Defense Position, it redirects your attack! As Yuma was about to leave, he bump into Kari, who finds it strange that Yuma has classes on a Saturday, but Yuma was able to avoids her questions. Eliphas appeared to Yuma and blamed him for corrupting Astral with his Chaos. Upon entering the Duel Tower, Yuma noticed there was something wrong with Shark as he made no attempt to defend against his attacks, which caused him to easily reduce Shark's Life Points. As he is giving up hope, Tori slaps him, bringing him back to his senses and reminding him of "kattobingu". Yuma blamed himself for his partner's current situation, but Astral told Yuma to think of what he can for himself now. As Quinton drove them away, Tori cradled Yuma's head in her lap, while Astral commented how the bonds that Yuma made with his friends - Roku, Kaze, Anna, Nelson, Nistro, Dextra, Bronk Stone and Quattro - had united them to protect Yuma and stalled for time by Dueling the Emperors. Yuma apologized, saying that he was at fault and was sorry for what he had done. Astral floated above and documents his eleventh observation - "Yuma still doesn't understand the feelings of women". I use 2 Overlay Units to activate Excalibur's effect! [43] After unleashing the card, "Final Prophecy", which pulled them into another dimension, Trey had a change of heart and used the power of his crest to help Yuma bring Astral back and asked them to defeat him. Bronk and Tori run up congratulating him for winning, and Yuma apologizes for lying. Shark was returned to normal, and returned Bronk's Deck as promised, which Yuma thanked him for.