Feel free to get in touch for more about our Carpet Racking solutions. Follow the direction that is with the grain to the edge and start making the roll from there. Want More Informationon this Product?Please fill out the form below! To start the rug storage process, give the rug a good vacuuming. to allow smaller carpets and prevent damaging the fabric. stow is one of the leading suppliers of storage solutions. Over the Top Configuration: Carousels that fully utilize overhead space by utilizing the chain path of an upside down L. Preventative Maintenance Packages: An annual inspection program designed to extend the life of the Carpet Carousel. If you’ve never had a custom vertical storage rack solution for your carpet and rug business before, you may not realize what a difference this can make. Carpet storage racks are specifically designed to store 12’ rolls or carpet and vinyl! Use a good-quality vacuum to ensure you lift as much dander, dust and other microscopic particles as possible. The motorized carpet carousel stores and retrieves carpet rolls overhead to minimize your storage footprint. Multi-Space Configuration: Positions carriers unevenly within a carousel to allow for extremely high density storage for a variety of roll sizes. Variable Speed: Allows the operator to increase/reduce the speed of the carousel within the carousels maximum retrieval speed. Wrap the rug for storage: Wrap the rolled carpet in brown craft paper or canvas for storage. Carpets, carpet pads, rolls of vinyl… they’re all stored inefficiently on the standard pallets. This storage method is known for its security and sturdiness as the Carpet Racks are designed … The Vidir Carpet Carousel is the industry leading storage and display solution for carpet rolls of various widths, diameters, and sizes. DO NOT wrap in plastic. Vidir's Carpet Carousel is a value-added solution for warehouse automation programs and improves both productivity and safety. If you need to access any items stored at any time, you’ll have instant access if using Carpet Racking. This storage method is known for its security and sturdiness as the Carpet Racks are designed carpet racks allowing you to store carpet in dense bundles. Carpet Racking systems is a great storage solution if you’re looking to maximize valuable floor space and increase productive efficiency. The motorized carousel stores carpet rolls vertically which reduces the floor space required to manage carpet inventory. stow’s carpet storage rack allows the rolls to be stacked in dense bundles. Our modular system accommodates a wide variety of carpet lengths and roll diameters. Carousel Mate: Manual carpet cutter that features a cut/measure/re-roll system. |   5,896 kg chain rating, Carrier Capacity: 1,000 lbs. Our core activity is the development, manufacturing and installation of top-quality racking systems for the storage of palletised or small goods and longer items, as well as mezzanine structures. Warehouse carpet storage racks are used by carpet retailers and distributors. Loading rolls onto the Carpet Carousel is made even safer with our patented loading bar system. Existing CustomerGoogleWord Of MouthOther. The Carpet Carousel eliminates bulky and unsafe product handling techniques for storing and retrieving rolled material. The motorized carousel stores carpet rolls vertically which reduces the floor space required to manage carpet inventory. The system is assembled with adjustable Pallet Racking frames and beams. Vidir logo design is a trademark owned by Vidir Machine, Inc. Controls: Forward/Reverse push buttons w/security keypad and e-stop, Overall Capacity: 13,000 lbs. The frames and beam levels can be decked with particleboard, timber, MDF etc. This automated storage system for carpet storage provides high density storage in a small footprint which will permit the saved space to be used for other revenue generating activities. Carpet and vinyl rolls come in various colours and materials. stow’s carpet storage rack allows the rolls to be stacked in dense bundles. United Kingdom, Tel +44 (0) 1527 573 170 Toll Free: 800.210.0141Sales: 204.364.2442Service: 866.821.2647, For Sales: Contact Us For Service: Contact Us. 4 Sherwood Road Our range of Carpet Racking solutions assist you in storing your carpet rolls, vinyl rolls and any other item that are long and awkward to put into standard storage systems. BROMSGROVE B60 3DR Additionally, Vidir has designed a line of carpet cutting machines that integrate seamlessly with Vidir’s carpet carousel to create a complete storage and display solution. Cut Costs and Maximise Profits with Better Storage Solutions, About Pallet Racking Company in Australia. Motorized Carpet Cutters: Motorized carpet cutters that feed directly from the carousel and feature a cut/measure/re-roll system to enable quick, easy, and reliable service. While this maximizes storage space, it also minimizes storage wastage if you’re using pallets to store these kinds of items at the moment. Want More Information on this Product? Vidir’s Carpet Carousel ensures that operators are working at ergonomically comfortable heights and reduce unnecessary bending, walking, lifting and pushing which helps avoiding work related injuries. stow UK This storage carousel rotates the selected carpet roll to a height chosen by the operator where it can be easily handled. Or Request a Free Consultation and Quote Here, How did you hear about us? Dual Controls: Add a duplicate control center to the left tower of the carousel enabling control from either side for increased retrieval speeds. Our carpet racks are double-deep selective pallet racks designed for the storage of carpet rolls, vinyl rolls, flooring and a variety of long products, special parts or materials. Please fill out the form below! Carpet Dolly: Carpet dolly for transporting carpet to and from the carousel. Thanks to the bottles connection, beams can be easily adjusted to the diameter of the rolls, maximising use of available height. Our carpet and rug vertical storage solutions are custom-made — not one of a thousand identical rug storage racks that roll off an assembly line.