It is neither conservative nor serious. Are we so dumbed down that The Triumph of the Will is replaced with Slobbering Schwab’s short video, 8 Predictions for 2030, that the “world” economic forum withdrew from circulation the moment it met with ridicule? All those Totalitarian laws rules, decrees combined with Nazi governments mandatory policies of mental and physical hygiene, health and fitness among young and old brought only applause by the western elites praising Hitler noble effort of finally cleaning up society from poor scum of subhumans they only could dream of in western democracies. The “I was just following orders” Germans. Thanks for telling me the time of switch over. Then assets can be picked up for a song from the liquidator and a new airline can start up. Are they married? And I am pretty sure this is also illegal. They are walking around without medical-looking masks, which is making a mockery of the government and media’s efforts to convince the public that they are under attack by an apocalyptic plague. A lot of people are going to be badly stranded. Point being? I assume its only a matter of time before all other airlines follow suit. It’s okay Gezzah, I fell for it in the 1970s when Marxism in academia was exactly the equivalent of Woke nowadays. They run the risk of lawsuits should anyone have a adverse event due to the forced vaccination. I see why we are so easily being enslaved now. Their plan is to create new lifeforms based on silicon., Biden’s pick for director of national intelligence participated in Event 201. The U.S. election was the final test. FUCK EVERYONE WITHOUT A MASK, Wir halthen die Corona-Regeln ein: We adhere to the corona rules. A lot of us opposed to this fascist bullshit are going to have very hard choices soon regards our employment. No degree of awards and benefitting humanity could save him. The post-modern mind is free – it thinks – of superstition and cultural modes of thinking, of the traps of ethnicity. He claimed that he discussed the idea with other airlines, and that the policy was likely to become a requirement worldwide. The broad implications of this book make it of consequence not only to historians, physicians, and people concerned with the history and philosophy of science, but also to those interested in science policy and medical ethics. The science and information are complete and the numbers are all from the international red cross and not a single mention is of the western powers in 10s of thousands of pages. Now, this “Infection Protection Act,” which was rushed through the parliament, is not in any way comparable to the “Enabling Act of 1933,” which formally granted the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wanted under the guise of remedying the distress of the people. (We don’t even know whether he actually understood it as music, or just as a handy text upon which to hang his fondness for Germanic folklore), Many German people are fighting back. It creeps up on you, little by little, little lie by little lie, accommodation by accommodation, rationalization by rationalization … until one day you find yourself taking orders from some twisted little narcissistic nihilist on a mission to remake the entire world. I lived in Germany many years ago, and can confirm that of course people of all types constitute any nationality you care to name. They were just better at it. The television priest absolves them The end justifies the means. The same people who are appalled by Nazism are happy with government totalitarianism. Introduction. It’s dumb and arrogant, I can’t stand scientific divulgation for more than ten seconds. Moral of the story is that this resistance thing is much, much harder than simply knowing the truth. Brilliant. It is because we are failing to understand how the small beginnings of evil – invariably just a handful of evil men – have always gained nourishment from the inaction and silence of the populations of ALL nations. “intricate official stamps that German bureaucrats like to stamp things with”. They are posting scientific facts on the Internet. Life. Well, a few days later a person did exactly that – and it worked exactly as planned. It is the transmutation of individualism as a balance of freedom and responsibility into a hierarchy of needs. Baring Devine intervention – we are all up shit creek without a paddle. Then later on I went into a shop and really did forget all about it until someone start pointing it out. Financial consideration are no longer a consideration. “Natural capital.” Clear online presentation of the verb 'möchten' including all verb forms. Depending on the objective in view, the media variously disseminate fear of terrorism, of climate change or (as currently the case) of the pandemic. The German Gutmenschen, good guys, under the leadership of Angela Merkel will have their united Europe under the guise of the Corona Great Reset and they will smear any German who objects as Nazi. also grows the saving power Ulrich Beinert Nov 24, 2020 6:38 AM Excellent article! Evil greatest achievement was to convince people it does not exist under concerned of our wellbeing faces. “Windsor” sounds so much better than Saxe-Coburg und Gotha: Edward VII and, in turn, his son, George V, were members of the German ducal House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha by virtue of their descent from Albert, Prince Consort, husband of Queen Victoria, the last British monarch from the House of Hanover. I think many millions will die. Fundamentally they are cowards. Thank you CJ. And everyone apparently knew this until this year. I’d assume your employer is breaking some laws. The masses and the middle class who pretend to think for themselves have already given up. No, not the warm, fuzzy, pussified, peace-loving, post-war Germans … the Germans! That could be why the war with Germany ended almost immediately after the coup, and Germany was awarded 1/3 of Russia as reparations.{{default.session}}. Good God! Oh, and Wagner, who died before Hitler was even born, does not deserve to be dismissed so summarily. All it will take to push Qantas belly-up is 50% of people refusing to fly. But hardly anyone seems to have learnt that the Nazis introduced their totalitarianism by legal, parliamentary means: they just passed a law that allowed rule by ministerial fiat.