It will also add some flavor to the sausage. * Because our patties are frozen, we’re often asked if you need to defrost them first. 2. I’m assuming you want to know how to cook them straight from frozen… I wouldn’t really advise this because you will end up having a burnt outside and potentially undercooked center. 1. If you HAVE to though… I’d recommend boiling them. I agree with your boyfriend and grandparents; frozen, cheap sausage patties aren't the most appetizing thing in the world! If you're starting with frozen sausage patties, add an additional three to five minutes per side. The sugar content in the sausage causes the surface to turn brown (even black) pretty quickly. Frozen: 65-70 seconds or until hot. Cook frozen breakfast sausage to add some protein to your morning meal. Remove 2 patties from plastic pouch. Step 1: Place frozen* patties in a cold skillet on medium. The liquid will add moisture to the sausage patties and preven them from drying out during the cooking process. I usually took a couple of them out at night and stuck them in the fridge. I think you’ll end up with charred sausage patties if you try to cook them before thawing. Now I scoop them with a cookie scoop and freeze the balls because more fit in a freezer bag. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes and then turn the sausage patties over. Bake for another 10 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Microwave on HIGH: Refrigerated: 35-40 seconds or until hot. I would thaw in the microwave first. Try making a honey dijon sauce for the sausage patties. It worked fine. Some sausage must be thawed before cooking, while others can go straight into the pan. Place on microwave-safe plate and cover with a paper towel. We recommend starting the cooking process with the patties still frozen. 3. I used to make the patties and freeze them. I did cook them from frozen a couple of times. I have been making sausage patties for a while now. Place the sausage patties or links on a cookie sheet or casserole dish or in a baking or roaster pan.