It was delicious! This was yummy and easy to make! }); My boyfriend and I had to fight for the leftovers! Yummmmm. I am not including it in the recipe because the sesame oil flavoring can become overpowering real quick if you aren't careful. I see there is sriracha and although I love heat, my friends who I am serving this to do not like spicy. I buy fresh spinach in a container that’s sold by weight. Hi. You know, those that only take a few minutes to put together and taste delicious. Almost every time I fall in love with a recipe it has come from your blog! window.adthrive.siteAds.targeting.push( {key: 'at_custom_1', value: 'myxx_off'} ); Do you know if it would be just as good served cold? Stir into the garlic and ginger mixture. Hey! Peel and clean mushrooms. Turned out amazing. We use spaghetti because it’s always on hand, and add chopped cabbage. An authentic lo mein is not drenched like American Chinese takeout. Quick question. The easiest lo mein you will ever make in 15 minutes from start to finish. Don’t know what I did wrong, but with the cost of the veggies and the specialty eggs noodles I won’t be make it again . free email seriesOur most popular "copycat" recipes for you to try at home. Thanks for the great recipe! Made this tonight! It is such a simple recipe to follow and it comes out great every single time! Set aside. Back to my search, I guess . I’ve had readers telling me they’ve doubled the soy sauce! Can’t wait to try with fresh veggies!!! In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, ginger and Sriracha; set aside. I just subscribed and now I’m off to find my next trial recipe! Or you can very lightly cook match stick cut zucchini , carrots , etc instead of the noodles. Such a great recipe!! Thanks! If you can manage that, you’re well on your way to a delicious noodle recipe. I’m glad you tried this out! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it , So, the third issue is you don’t have any specialty items, but then list Sriracha as an ingredient, and leave it up to the reader to find an appropriate substitute. It’s meant to be light. Love that you put mushrooms and snow peas in it! We’ll definitely make it again. I made it with spaghetti as suggested and it turned out great! Came out SOOO yummy! I made this for dinner tonight, I added shrimp and it was delicious. My whole family loved it – not a drop left and it was so easy. Loads of flavour. I would love to surprise my husband with our own lobster lo mein! I might have added a higher amount of the veggies because I used my eye rather than a measuring cup, but everything else was followed to the T, including the “how to cook”. Never miss another recipe! Can’t praise this recipe enough! Made it exactly like recipe stated. I could not find lo mein noodles, so I used buccatelli (thick spaghetti with a thin hole down through the middle). Panda Express Chow Mein is one of our favorite dishes when we’re craving Chinese food but it can be inconvenient, not to mention pricey to grab take-out all the time. Drain into colander, pan back on warm burner to dry. I can not help saying this, but your recipes are “DAMN DELICIOUS” and you are damn cute!!!!!! YUM! LOVE IT! Excellent I’ve been making this recipe for 3 years, and everyone loves it!! Your email address will not be published. Want to make it, but don’t have any ginger. I used sliced baby boy Choy instead of snow peas and spinach since that’s what I had on hand. Thank you for a wonderful recipe <3 Looking forward to a yummy dinner! I actually made another serving of the sauce and added it into the pan at that time. The amount of sauce in the recipewouldn’t have been enough for 8oz of pasta IMO, but like I said I cook a lot and can gauge if the sauce will be sufficient. I made it for lunch after rushing home from church and it was so quick to make. Thanks so much for a great recipe! . Would I just pan fry the noodles after cooking them before adding to the veggies? Garlic Sesame Lo Mein is fast, it’s easy, and it’s certainly delicious! See you later. I needed something easy and fast; I am not feeling well. Directions Step 1 window.adthrive = window.adthrive || {}; It’s what Italian’s call al dente. Hali, unfortunately I do not do videos, only food photography , THIS TASTE GOOD. Being a vegetarian family, this recipe hits the spot! We will definitely be making this recipe again. I can’t tolerate peppers, so will substitute celery instead. I was looking for a Lo Mein recipe and came across your site. This looks super easy and I wana try it so bad. Enjoy! No idea what to choose though – nothing beats the simplicity of this one, since it has only a few ingredients and all are staples! I will try it with broccoli. Some may argue that Panda Express chow mein is a LO mein but looking over these qualifications above, you know that is actually IS a chow mein. I was shocked at how closely it tasted to chinese take out, but healthier! I cooked some chicken thighs in a little sesame oil first and then cooked the veg in the same pan. My husband loves it too. Saved to my FIVE STAR Pinterest board. I’m making this tonight alongside honey garlic chicken! What are some of your fav brands of lo mein / egg noodles? I never heard of black rice noodles! Overall a great dish that my S/O and I have both said will have to be made again! thanks for the recipe. The sugar mixed into the sauce really gives a nice subtle sweetness to the more sour soy sauce. Just made this tonight. I am so glad I did! I am looking forward to trying out more of your recipes!! I cannot eat any flour….can I use rice noodles instead…if so, any special kind to look for.. I modify it depending on what I have on hand and it always comes out delicious. Make it as spicy or as mild as you want with dried red chilies! It was just like takeout but less greasy. I added chicken and tofu. Made this tonight with rice noodles. Thank your for such a fantastic simple dish, I used gf spaghetti, a soy sauce substitute, and left out the peppers because of allergies, but everything else I did as your recipe suggested and it was really great, thank you for a great Asian dish, yummmy . Only had spaghetti noodles available and used those. I try my very best to exclude any and all invasive-type ads that pop up and/or require you to manually exit them – I cannot stand them personally on other sites so I would never have them on my own blog. Damn tasty and simple! I LOVE your stuff but already have the ones you’ve posted the last 1-2 weeks and it would be nice to get a new set of recipes . That’s a pretty smart idea, I guess that would work! I have pad thai noodles I wonder if those would work too? I have some questions, though… Do you store an opened bottle of sesame oil in the fridge? Used what I had: stir fry noodles (14.5 oz), water chestnuts instead of pea pods, white mushrooms instead of shiitake. In this recipe you can add a shake or two of sesame oil to the vegetable oil to add a deeper flavor, but make sure to use it sparingly. Follow me on social media: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |PINTEREST, Your email address will not be published. I love lo mein. Will be adding this recipe to my other ones. I also added some broccoli slaw that I had leftover from making eggrolls and it made it a bit heartier as well as some water to the sauce to thin it out a bit. Glad we could help out a little! I made it for a book club lunch for 11 people. I’m going to have to try this . Has anyone doubled the amount of sauce? Thanks. Because it is such a small amount, it may be best to omit it in its entirety. Chungah! But after I did that, it was very tasty. I know cooking the noodles ahead of time wouldn’t work but do you think it would work if I chopped/cooked the veggies and sauce and froze it? Is there any recommendation for making a large batch and any way that can be made ahead of time? I’m guessing when I see ground that it’s meant to be powdered but I just wanted to be sure. Four people had two large servings each and there is enough leftover to feed at least three more people. I made this tonight and of course, I changed a few things because I had them already. I clicked on this just because of the “Who has all these Chinese ingredients anyway” part of your Pinterest pic. I loved this! Take care!! Awesome! I also used fresh noodles from an asian market which just required a quick dunk in hot water to loosen the strands of pasta and then drain and they were ready to use. Super recipe, thanks for posting! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email - plus, grab your free eBook! I needed to use up some veggies in my fridge before they went bad, plus I had leftover thin spaghetti noodles. This will last me three or four more meals. I have made it both ways (with and without sesame oil) and they both taste great. Thank you for this recipe , You have ruined another take out dish for me… I’ve already shared it with a bunch of my vegetarian friends. Oh I also added chucked breast.. Dinner saver and best of all I found most items at dollar tree.