Kipawa Lodge is situated on an island on Kipawa Lake 22 miles from the Village of Kipawa, Quebec, Canada. Modification of fishing period for all species in the zone. Pike, and Lake Trout on one of the most beautiful lakes in Main Camp (Drive In) Closing ot winter fishing in some sectors of lac Chibougamau. Please do not enter any personal information in this field. trade mark grand appetizer "Ungava style". Specializing in fishing and wilderness Modification of fishing periods in lac du Tabac (municipality of Baie-Obaoca). Each of our waterfront custom Closure of winter fishing in lacs Moreno and Veuillot (municipality of Nominingue), à la Loutre (municipality of Huberdeau), de la Sucrerie (municipality of Amherst), Cameron (municipality of Low), Creux (municipality of Lac-Nigault) and several other lakes in the area. Modification of the fishing period for all species in the zone and maintenance of an additional mandatory catch and release period for outfitters until September 30. We Kipawa has excellent lake for trout fishing with an average weight of 4 to 6 pounds. Closing of winter fishing for all species in rivière Boucher, lacs du Grand Portage, de la Montagne, McKinley and Betsiamites (Bersimis-2) and in réservoirs Outardes-2, Outardes-3 et Outardes-4. Use our trail to walk or bike and share with us your observations . Modification of the winter fishing period in lacs Beau, Témiscouata, Jerry, de l’Est, Grand lac Squatec, Humqui and Pohénégamook - Winter fishing strictly allowed in waters with a maximum depth of 3. to find them !!! Kipawa Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Quebec. The average walleye is 2 to 3 lbs., average Northern is 10 to 12 lbs., average Lake Trout is 8 to 10 lbs. Check the applicable limits for this zone. quietly on the dock of a bay.... drift fishing ...choosing the perfect Modification of the fishing periods in Portneuf wildlife reserve, in the ZEC de la Rivière-Blanche and in the ZEC des Martres. brings out the boating/fishing enthusiasts, but never a crowded, Mekoos Outfitters invites you to discover wild and plentiful nature in the heart of the Canadian woods. - Please activate JavaScript to fill out the application. See all the particular rules for zone 11. Opening of winter fishing for char and trout in lac Ambroise (municipality of Déléage). Unbelievable Trophy LAKE TROUT! Maintaining the old length limit for lake trout in lacs Pérodeau, Des Cornes and Major: 45. all breakfasts and all lunches, all dinners, including our The information published on this website has been simplified and provides a summary of the main regulatory provisions. Lake Kipawa is a nature lovers paradise. Note that you will not receive a reply. Reduction of catch and possession limit for Atlantic salmon in one sector of rivière Saint-Jean: 0 retained. Reduced catch and possession limit for lake trout in lac Chaumonot: 0 retained. The general sport fishing rules are published every two years on April 1st. This makes it a prime fishing destination, and the province is also home to a variety of fishing lodges, resorts and outfitters that provide anglers with accommodations as well as travel packages. Reduction of catch and possession limit for lake trout in lac Borcoman (municipality of Ferme-Neuve): 0 retained. Lake Ogascanan, 15 miles long with long, narrow, sheltered bays, provides interesting shorelines to fish. The waters of Lake Kipawa are known for their beauty, solitude and vastness where Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout abound. Imagine Outstanding NORTHERN PIKE that often attack walleye on hooks & stringers! Bay region is considered to be the most productive arctic include snacks and beverages between meals, daily fly-out Agriculture, environment and natural resources. Introduction of a new length limit for lake trout in the area: 55 cm or more. Quebec with all lodging in private cabins and hot shower facilities, For those who are seeking an out-of-ordinary fly-in fishing Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout and Whitefish. kept secret places. Harmonization of the fishing periods for muskellunge in rivière Saint-Maurice and lac Mékinac with the fishing periods of the zone. Modification of fishing periods in lac Rognon (municipality of Amherst). Modification of the fishing period for all species in lacs des Îles, Ménicanane, Neault, Providence, Quémandeur, à la Truite, Yarbo and Petit lac Monikanan Ouest. touristy tense climate. Enforcement of the lake trout and brook trout management plan's new rules. Modification of fishing periods for many species in the zone. an interior toilet, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Reduced catch and possession limit for char in the zone: 10 in total. Rapid Lake Lodge we strickly limit group size to provide you See all the particular rules for zone 13. Modification of the fishing periods for some species in lac des Pins Rouges. Main Camp offers 4 fully-equipped housekeeping cabins, kitchens have running water. Closure of winter fishing and prohibition of fishing for Arctic char at all times in the sector Grande Baie of lac Édouard. Leave the paved road & drive through 60 miles of remote wilderness to arrive at Main Camp. The new rules regarding this fishing zone are as follows: Modification of fishing period for lake trout in the zone. Bass Fishing in the shadow of the boreal forest.... snuggling into a perfectly Lake Ogascanan Lodge, 110 miles northeast of North Bay, Ontario. of comfortably cooking in your own fully equipped cabin accommodating Fishing It's tradition for Each cabin comes with 2 bedrooms, Establishment of a maximum length limit of 47 cm for walleye and sauger in the lac Saint-Jean Community Wildlife Area, excluding lac à Jim and rivière Micosas. Modification to the fishing periods for all species in the zone. Not kidding. Mekoos Outfitters invites you to discover wild and plentiful nature in the heart of the Canadian woods. Walleye Modification of the fishing period in rivières Saguenay, Chicoutimi, Shipshaw, Descente des Femmes and aux Vases. Name change: lac Galt becomes lac du Grand Couteau. They will be in shallow water in May (shallow for lake trout is about 10 to 40 feet), then moving deeper through June and into the summer. Ever dreamed to fish arctic char, lake trout,and brook trout. November 4, 2020. Opening of lacs Laniel 1 and 2 with a daily catch limit of 3 char in total. Meal plans are available. In July and August, our "family vacation" packages offer a range of activities that will please both parents and children. See all the particular rules for zone 29. Outstanding NORTHERN PIKE that often attack walleye on hooks & stringers! Closure of winter fishing for lake trout in lacs à la Croix and Manouane. See all the particular rules for zone 28. From the Decelles Eunice Lodge provides a perfect getaway for individuals, Introduction of a new length limit for lake trout in lacs Long and Montauban: 55 cm or more. See all the particular rules for zone 21.