£52.99 £ 52. This Cedarcraft rolling raised garden box is an ideal solution for versatility, good looks, and pest control. This kit includes the tower plus a pump and timer, ensuring your hydroponic system is delivering key nutrients to your starts. That’s what makes this one of the best raised planter boxes for your particular needs. If critters aren’t an issue, you can save a bit of money by ordering the garden boxes without critter fencing. Made with one inch thick premium quality deck boards, this planter has a seriously strong joint design that will never bow under the weight of wet soil, so you can count on using this garden box for many years to come. This group of four planters can be configured in so many different ways from L-shape long and narrow to a large square and be unlocked for reconfiguration on a whim. At 21 by 47 inches, this planter stands 32 inches tall (not counting the cover.) Simply set them up in the sunniest southern exposure in the yard, and if you’re worried about bird predation, snag some garden cloth to make raised toppers for your boxes. If you’re like most of us, you’re looking for ways to become more self-sufficient. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. At six by three feet in size, this planter stands a foot tall. The greenhouse cover is especially helpful when starting seeds and younger plants, and it’s also great to keep plants from unexpected frosts at night. Since it can’t be exposed to regular garden soil, one of our favorite choices for container gardening is Miracle Gro Potting Mix which helps retain water, prevents overwatering and grows more abundant crops to maximize your time and effort. That keeps bugs and other garden pests at bay – a key if you’ve ever had your cruciferous veggies decimated by whiteflies in the past. If you’re wondering why gardening is such a popular avocation, even when you don’t need to reduce your time in public places, this blog lays out a dozen reasons why gardening is great for your mental as well as physical health. What Is Aquaponics, Why, and How to Start an Aquaponic Garden? Fresh basil and thyme right on your windowsill - delicious! One way to dramatically increase space as well as yield is to grow things at different levels, which is why we love this three tiered raised planter box. Fabric panels ensure soil retention, and they feature plastic seam covers to help retain water. If you’re looking for a fast solution to create raised garden boxes in your urban environment, these unique planters from City Farmer USA are a really cool option. It sits on the ground (or your patio) so if you want to keep things clean, you might want to consider getting something to line this box with. We like this particular raised garden box because it also has rust-resistant aluminum corners that look aged and appropriate for experienced gardeners and newbies alike. If you have the advantage of having a yard, no matter how small, there are garden boxes that can turn you into a backyard farmer with ease. If you’re like many new gardeners, you might not realize that not all raised planter boxes are created equal. 4.4 out of 5 stars 20. Discover the best raised planter boxes that can help you grow an abundance of fresh produce this summer, and keep your hands and mind busy while you're safe in your own backyard. For older folks (like this author,) they help to alleviate much of the stooping involved with traditional gardening. If you want to get them a step by step guide for success, consider getting them Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids. In the 16.5 inch center of this raised planter, you can grow deep-rooted veggies like carrots, tomatoes, and beets, while reserving the outer edges for things like lettuces and herbs. One of the difficult things about working with raised garden boxes is that many are one big size with no dividers or ways to separate different plantings. A large 44 inch wedge shaped box allows for both shallow and deep root gardening space for you. Some of the biggest advantages of these planters are the fact that you can grow an abundant crop of fresh produce in a minimum of space. It utilizes a wicking system where the soil draws the water upwards keeping it moist. Each includes a water circulation system to maximize your water usage, and while our featured choice offers two tiers, you can get these planters in almost a limitless variety of sizes and configurations to fit whatever space you might have available. Fully Assembled - Just add plants. While not technically a box or a traditional bed, the Lettuce Grow FarmStand growing system allows you to grow 200+ delicious varieties of veggies, fruits, and herbs in these self-watering, self-fertilizing, hydroponic containers. We’ve often shared our fondness for vertical gardening, not only for its unique look, but because it allows plants of different heights to get adequate sun on each of them without overcrowding. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. this beautiful Foreman raised planter box, these clever U-shaped raised garden boxes, this pair of vertical raised planter boxes, this one of the best raised planter boxes, This Cedarcraft rolling raised garden box, this sturdy space-saving growing solution, the Lettuce Grow FarmStand growing system. this pair of vertical raised planter boxes give you enough space to do both. Do feel free to brag once you have it set up. Disclosure. Manufactured from high quality pressure treated FSC© timber, sourced from responsibly managed forests. If you need a narrower profile or only want a shorter box with a trellis, this design comes in many sizes and shapes to accommodate. Raised planter boxes are the perfect way to keep your hands and mind busy when you are stressed. Each box measures two feet by three feet and stands 28 inches high. Each board slides into the corner posts without tools to form a secure open-bottom garden frame. The patented mesh side ventilation design promotes a healthy plant root system, and the patented base has a one inch water reservoir that retains water and nutrients for faster growing, healthier vegetables whether on your rooftop, patio or deck. The wood is treated with a food-safe preservative to ensure a long life and many years of enjoyable gardening. While they recommend you purchase starts directly from Lettuce Grow (as they are not currently available on Amazon,) they will ensure you get delivery of plants that are suited to your climate and region so you have optimal growing success. They could easily line your porch or back patio with gorgeous greenery that tastes every bit as good as it looks. This urban-friendly look would be perfect for someone living in a modern industrial loft. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. The dovetail corner posts make this piece easy to assemble and the corners are finished with a beveled top cap to make it look like it was built by a professional. While most are suitable for free standing and trailing vegetables and flowers, few have the advantage of a center trellis like this one. The Vegepod comes in small, medium and large sizes. Don't forget that now is the time to order your seeds, and you'll want to get some bags of potting soil and some seed starter trays. If you're looking to become more self-sufficient, there's nothing more fulfilling than raising your own fruits and veggies in the comfort of your own backyard. Vertical gardens are also space defining, and eliminate the need for perhaps poor ground soils. Naturally, the solid fir wood construction is a plus, and at four by 2 feet, you’ll get lots of space that can grow more than you might have imagined. Thompson & Morgan VegTrug® Poppy Classic Planter Black Frame with Red Felt – Raised Garden, Apofly 72pc Plant Pot Feet for Outdoor Invisible Flower Pot Riser Non-Slip Risers with Strong Self Adhesive Pads for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Pots, Metal Raised Vegetable Bed, Garden Kits Planter Bed, Trough Garden Planter Flower Plant Pot, 129 x 129 x 46 cm, Galvanised Steel Grey, EarlyGrow MPL50104 Home and Garden Urban Grow Table Raised Planter - 75cm x 37cm x 65cm, 72 PACK Pot Bottom Pot Feet For Outdoor Plant Pots And Flowers Solid Rubber Pot Risers With Enhanced Surface Grip, Mid Century Planter with Stand Included | 8 Inch Ceramic Plant Pot with Stand Perfect as an Indoor Planter for Snake Plant | Modern Large Ceramic Planter with Drainage Hole | Planter with Legs | White, Country Living Ornate Grey Fibre Clay Planter with Wooden Legs. £79.99 £ 79. Plant those larger growing veggies like squash and cukes at the bottom in a place where there is ample room for them to cascade around the base.