American Express created the Shop Small Studio to share Small Business Saturday resources with small-business owners. Together, they can market Small Business Saturday and other events, collaborate on products and decorate shopping corridors for the holidays. Opinions expressed are those of the author. According to CBRE, online sales will grow another 14% in 2020. Read Marc Emmer's full executive profile. According to a Capgemeni Research Institute study, 61% of enterprises said they are unable to detect breaches without using AI. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the average consumer will subscribe to three to five streaming services. Without a winning concept, all the planning in the world won't make your business successful. Perhaps at no time in history have businesses been more in tune with their responsibility to protect the environment, ensure equality and advocate for social issues. For example, even if a deal is made with China, any action to unwind business practices there would likely take years to implement. 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Download the Small Business support directory In 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act will come into play, which I believe could be a preview for what is to come at the federal level. Nine months into the pandemic, the notion of dreaming up the perfect gift for loved ones can feel overwhelming. Join us each Tuesday at 11am as we discuss tips and resources for navigating the COVID Economy. All rights reserved, Insights and Inspiration to Help Grow Your Business, Check for Pre-qualified Credit Card Offers, Credit Intel – Financial Education Center, American Express Entrepreneurial Spirit Survey, How COVID-19 is Changing Holiday Shopping Season. © 2020 American Express Company. Make sure your team is in a position to capitalize on the changes in the year ahead. For example, American Express works with Neighborhood Champions, who are business associations, state and local chambers of commerce and other organizations that act as Shop Small ambassadors and evangelize about the importance of supporting small businesses. Marketing and Branding for Indigenous Businesses, Cybersecurity Advice to Protect Your Business, Pricing Strategies: Pricing and Costing Your Product, Business Planning for Developing Businesses, Protecting Your Workers from Bullying and Harrassment During the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Where we spend our money in 2020 determines the communities we find ourselves in come 2021,” says Hollenbeck. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice. Read Marc Emmer's full executive profile here. Meet Jordan Rogers, Lloyd-James Sales & Marketing, Sign up for our eNewsletter to get the latest updates. According to CBRE , online sales will grow another 14% in 2020. A streaming war. Companies expected to go public this year include Airbnb, GitLab and Neptune Energy, among many others. The U.S. imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina earlier this year, but their economies are expected to grow this year. It wasn’t an easy decision. Once the darlings of Wall Street, tech stocks are under fire. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and home sales spiked at the end of the year. All good business ideas do not require spending of greater funds, but … For Hollenbeck, shopper support on Small Business Saturday this year isn’t just about her business. According to the American Express Shop Small Impact study, which polled 1,004 small business owners and managers in the U.S. that conduct sales at brick-and-mortar locations, 78% of business owners found that positive feedback on social media is a significant driver of business. “It helps me survive the winter,” says Rodgers. For more on keeping customers safe, see the American Express Safe Shopping Guide. 2020 could bring a renegotiation of NAFTA and, hopefully, new ambitions for U.S. companies that would like to bring production to Mexico. 54 - 601 West Cordova Street All users of our online services subject to Privacy Statement and agree to be bound by Terms of Service. Small businesses may find some benefits in turning to social media to promote their safety practices. Volume 58, 2020 Vol 57, 2019 Vol 56, 2018 Vol 55, 2017 Vol 54, 2016 Vol 53, 2015 Vol 52, 2014 Vol 51, 2013 Vol 50, 2012 Vol 49, 2011 Vol 48, 2010 Vol 47, 2009 Vol 46, 2008 Vol 45, 2007 Vol 44, 2006 Vol 43, 2005 Vol 42, 2004 Vol 41, 2003 Vol 40, 2002 Vol 39, 2001 Grow. Marc Emmer is President of Optimize Inc. and an author, speaker and consultant specializing in strategy and strategic planning. It's about so much more. Given its extremely high cost, I predict that AI as a service will emerge as a product used by smaller companies that can’t afford it. In fact, according to the “Local Consumer Business Sentiment Study” by Red Egg Marketing, which surveyed 1,653 Americans over the age of 18, nearly 84% of consumers said they would actually be willing to spend more money if it meant supporting a small business. By working with other small businesses, business owners can amplify their voices, connect with new customers, discuss business challenges and establish valuable relationships in their own communities. Each bundle will match the mission of the book store, with themes aimed at activists, feminists and kids, for sale online during Small Business Saturday and beyond. “It doesn’t even have to be Saturday. Waterfront Station However, even if any announcement is made around the time this post is published, I believe it's best to be highly skeptical. : 1-800-667-2272 Note: you can withdraw your consent at any time - for more information see our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details. Prices could fall, especially as companies bundle applications. Small-business owners are continuing to find creative ways to connect with customers, while taking measures to keep them safe. Saudi Aramco’s record IPO caught the attention of investors, with a valuation well over $1.5 trillion. Contrary to popular opinion, there will be news other than the presidential election this year. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Below are a dozen trends that will impact businesses in 2020 and beyond: While the U.S. economy will grow modestly (2.5%) in 2020, consumer sentiment is still strong. We analyzed recent social interactions with small business articles in 2020 to help you monitor what content people engage with. Adversarial machine learning is being used to combat cybercrime. While the tap could be opened again for U.S. imports, remember that they will be at a higher cost than they were before. According to Equal Rights, there was an 80% increase in the number of sexual harassment bills introduced in state legislatures this year. You may opt-out by. The owners of Women & Children First recently emailed newsletter subscribers and encouraged them to shop at other businesses in their neighborhood. What’s Happening in December 2020 at Small Business BC? Canada, Phone: 604-775-5525 It could be Tuesday,” he says. Marc Emmer is President of Optimize Inc. and an author, speaker and consultant specializing in strategy and strategic planning. For Small Business Saturday, the store will host an outdoor pop-up shop and sell calendars, holiday cards and other seasonal items. In Europe, Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google are under attack by EU regulators over privacy, and here, we're seeing some politicians propose antitrust action. Please review. While many startups and social enterprises have long sought out double and triple bottom-line results, there is a sea change underfoot where more traditional businesses are seeking out their purpose beyond making a profit. Popular small business Articles in 2020 Discover what small business articles people are publicly sharing on Twitter and Reddit. “Beyond just our feminist bookstore, please devote SBS [Small Business Saturday] to supporting all the small businesses you cherish.” It goes on to list and link to businesses that are neighbors on a usually bustling part of Clark Street in Chicago. Toll Free in B.C. Business leaders should be proactive in identifying predictive indicators that correlate with demand in their industry sector (such as various purchasing indices or durable goods orders). “The point is we’re still here, and we need to see you or we’ll just be bemoaning another business closing.”, Across the United States, the pandemic has upended much of the year for independent enterprises. A great idea is just the first step in launching your business in 2020, but it's an important one.